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New Year’s in Auckland, New Zealand

Lucia (loose – e – uh: Slovakia) and Ivo (eye voe Czech Republic), as well as Lucie and Dominick came to our apartment on New Year’s Eve 2010.

Lucie and Dominick are leaving for Australia very soon. Though we would have like to have known them better, time and distance will probably dictate that, at least at this point in our lives, we won’t have the opportunity. But we are glad to have spent New Year’s with them. We also wish them the best on their new adventure in Australia, and on their return journey to Eastern Europe and re-adjusting to life back at home after being gone for 5 years.

So why did everyone come to our apartment for New Year’s?

Well, we invited them.

But they probably had other invites from their other friends as well.

They chose to accept our invitation (presumably) because we have a good view of the skytower.

That and because of Carrie’s No-Bake cookies.

Presumably, they also wanted to hang out with us?

Though it may have just been the view from our apartment that they were using us for (sarcasm).

Check out this video I made of the Auckland Tower fireworks from our apartment.

We’re really enjoying our time with Lucia and Ivo.

We’ll be sad to say goodbye to them when we leave New Zealand in a little over a month from now.

It was fun New Year’s eve, if a bit different because it’s the first New Year’s Eve I’ve not experienced in the United States in my 31 years on earth.

We don’t make resolutions, as we prefer to live ours every day. However, if you do make resolutions, be sure to make them big, and then break them down into actions you can take every day to get where you want to be in 2011.

Happy New Year!

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