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My Sunny Birthday in Auckland, New Zealand

Spring has sprung here in Auckland, New Zealand.

Auckland, New Zealand

Spring… and my birthday.

How weird!

Most years I’m celebrating my birthday in fall, with

  • Halloween decorations in the stores
  • Leaves turning golden
  • Family/friends all around.

This year, I’m celebrating with

  • warmth on my face (first time I’ve felt hot in New Zealand)
  • the leaves budding out on the trees
  • Carrie, as well as Keith and Carol, our family here in Auckland.

Thank-you to Keith and Carol for hosting us here in Auckland.

Thank-you for singing happy birthday to me!

Thank-you for treating us as your family.  We hope we’re not overstaying our visit, and hope to have the opportunity to return your warmth and kindness at our home in the future.

And thank-you to everyone on Facebook, and in emails, and to those of you who sent me a note and/or participated in the charity:water birthday campaign.

Even though we are in Auckland and missing family back in Colorado, I have felt incredibly blessed this year.

Birthday greetings came in from people in 11 countries and in 8 different timezones.

Thank-you, thank-you!

7 thoughts on “My Sunny Birthday in Auckland, New Zealand

  1. Lynn Fanter

    Hi – don’t remember if I wished you a “Happy Anniversary” too or not but just in case I will wish it now. Today is also my grandson Bridger’s 3rd birthday.

    Luv to you both

  2. Mom

    It is odd to think you you celebrating your birthday in the Spring!! It is sure to be a memory you’ll never forget! Love ya! Mom

  3. Art Brammer

    Can I use your Auckland picture? It is a great one. I will print it out and post it on a display.

    1. carrie

      Hey Art!

      I think Jonathan got it from a Wikimedia Commons site somewhere (open source photos)… just google for “Wikimedia Commons Photo Auckland” and you should find it or something like it.

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