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Lima, Peru: The Unexpected Wonder

When I’ve thought of Lima, Peru up until now, I’ve thought of noise, pollution, and a big city without a lot of infrastructure.

Driving into Lima, we saw a lot of this on the outskirts of the city.

We also experienced it a bit while walking around in Lima, but only a very little bit.

The work that has been done here in the past 7-10 years has made Lima, Peru a REALLY cool city.

Maybe Lima was cool before this, but there was a large exhibit at the Parque Fuentes De Las Aguas which showed all the infrastructure and developments which have happened here in the last decade.

It really is amazing to see all that’s been done or re-done to make the city a really nice place.

We spent time at the Parque Fuentes De Las Aguas.

10 years ago, this place was a standard run-of-the-mill (from the looks of it falling apart and junky) city park.

Today, it’s really beautiful.

Granted, it costs 4 soles to enter ($1.40), but if I lived here, I would pay that to enter a park as cool as this at least once/week.

We stayed at two hotels, Hotel Runcu and Peru Star Apartments Hotel.  Both had great services and facilities, and both felt safe and nice.

Peru Star Apartments Hotel was, as a bonus, VERY quiet.

We wandered on the path (that goes along the cliffs to the ocean) on the west side of the city, in the Miraflores neighborhood.  It’s beautiful, peaceful, and dare I say, romantic!

We spent time in Kennedy Park and ate at one of what looked like many awesome restaurants, all competing for customers by offering free drinks.

Lima is a city that warrants a return for significantly more exploration than the 1 1/2 days we’ve spent here.

2 thoughts on “Lima, Peru: The Unexpected Wonder

  1. Evelyn

    I had a great time and would recommend visiting Peru to anyone. It is not too expensive, the people are friendly and it’s geared up for tourism – you’ll have no trouble getting where you want to go.

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