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Peru Star Apartments Hotel in Lima: A Review

Peru Star Apartments Hotel in Lima has the look and feel that someone saw it 5-8 years back and said,

“You know what, we’re going to re-do this place and make it REALLY nice.  I mean, LUXURIOUS.”

And then at some point in the project, they looked around and said, “You know what?  That’s good enough.”

And you know, it really is.

If you want to be catered to and have lots of luxury (think robes and fuzzy slippers and bubble baths)… Peru Star Apartments Hotel may not be your place.

However, I say that, and then remember that if you want, Peru Star Apartments Hotel will bring breakfast to your room (at no additional charge).

If you’re looking for something that has easy (and cheap) access by taxi to many busy and fun areas of Lima, but is quiet, and feels like a home in the city, Peru Star Apartments Hotel is probably a good choice for you.

We ended up moving here after our first night at Hotel Runcu.

We were only supposed to be in Lima for one night, but Carrie got pretty sick (we assume from something food related), and was simply not able to fly/travel.

So we re-scheduled our flight for the next one available, which was Thursday, ($25/ticket is the very reasonable change fee with TACA), and asked Hotel Runcu if we could stay another night.

Hotel Runcu didn’t have availability, so we found Peru Star Apartments Hotel through Trip Advisor.

We called and asked what rooms they had, and took a 10 minute, $3.50 taxi from Hotel Runcu to Peru Star Apartments Hotel.

The location isn’t quite as good as Runcu for access to the water, but then, we just needed a place to lay low for a couple of days.

(At Hotel Runcu, as with MANY other places we’ve stayed, we slept with the sounds of traffic, even with earplugs in.)

At Peru Star Apartments Hotel, we slept without earplugs, to the sounds of birds, and the fan in the room.

Peru Star Apartments Hotel provided an excellent spot for us rest and recovery: quiet rooms, comfy beds, hot showers, and the ability to make our own tea and nurse back to health with the stove top/kitchenette in the room.

Quite honestly, when it comes to both noise and overall comfort, Peru Star Apartments Hotel in Lima is one of the best places I have stayed during 7 months time traveling in Central and South America.

I’m really glad we were able to get a room at last minute’s notice.

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