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Life With A Teenage Boy – Part 2

I’ve really enjoyed hanging out with Zach.
On Sunday, we hit up a Rockies game and had fun negotiating for amazing tickets via trading up the tickets we bought from scalpers. We got to the game a little late (after the beginning of the game), so we had room to negotiate with the people selling tickets outside the stadium. We bought two tickets in the lower level of the outfield (below the Rockpile for those of you who know the Rockies stadium) for $10/ticket, $20 total, and then traded those up for two tickets that were two rows behind the Rockies dugout for an additional $35, meaning we spent $55 total for two tickets right behind the Rockies dugout.
Zach at the Rockies Game(We could only have been closer by 1 row to the first base line.) We were so close that Zach was actually able to get a baseball from the game tossed to him by one of his favorite Rockies players.
Really a cool day!

I remember being 13… Compared to now, I think back and realize that I was much more aware of others around me at 13 than I am at times now, but at times at 13, I had moments of really not being that self-aware. (Actually, I think this persists for me to today, but that’s another topic.) I think Zach is a lot like that too.
When the Rockies came back from being down 5-1 when we walked into the game in the second inning, to the Rockies winning the game 8-7 with a walk-off run in the bottom of the 9th, Zach had the impression he was “jumping around” with excitement at the win.
I think he was excited enough to be jumping around, but I wouldn’t say that he was actually “jumping around.”

Actually, I find it difficult to get a read on how excited Zach is about lots of stuff we’re doing. I can definitely tell that he’s excited and enjoying what we’re doing, but I also think he’d make an incredible poker player.
It’s been fun teaching Zach how to play racquetball (we have a court at our apartment complex),seeing movies (our friend Dave writes movie reviews and was nice enough to get us press screening tickets to see Harry Potter a little early), and throwing a baseball around for two hours.
I don’t remember the last time I threw a baseball around for two hours (I was surprised that my shoulder was actually a little sore) and Carrie threw around the ball too. Zach taught her a couple tips that really improved her throwing and catching. It was very cool to see him give her tips that she used right away that made such a difference. He REALLY knows baseball (and sports in general).
Thanks Zach for giving me an excuse to get away from the computer and go throw the baseball. I’m having a great time!

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  1. Renee Fields

    What a handsome, nice looking young man. I assume he’s kin to one of you??
    Our youth went quickly & the youth of those we love seems to go even faster, so enjoy your youthful friends & relatives as “fully” as possible, every chance you are afforded.

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