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I just committed a deadly sin…

One of the Deadly Sins for those who work from home… I just committed it.
Wal-Mart on a Sunday.
Why is this deadly? Well, have YOU ever been to a Wal-Mart on a Sunday? Have you ever been on almost any other day of the week? The difference is clear. (It’s deadly to your productivity.)
Thankfully I have a book with me at all times, as I had to stand in line for nearly 30 minutes. (I’m reading Inkheart right now.)
Any positive experience I had with kids recently has been completely rescinded.
Kids are running amuck all through the aisles. One little boy ran directly towards my cart, and when he got about a foot away, he held out his hand like a traffic cop to stop my forward progress. I tried to navigate around him, but he kept blocking my way. (One of the most adorable things I’ve seen in a while, but also seriously annoying when it goes on and on.) Meanwhile, his brother insists on crawling INSIDE my cart. (Kid, I’m not your mother.) I try to ask him to stay out of the cart and on the ground while searching frantically for the boys’ parents.
Then later, in the checkout lane, another set of kids (boy and two girls this time) grab all the candy bars of the shelves and start throwing them at people. I did find their parents. To my horror, the parents were the ones pointing and laughing.)
It takes doubly as long to get things off the shelves because people have to block up the whole aisle with their carts AND their bodies while they debate forEVER on which of two identical dishwashing detergents to buy (not even kidding… the label for the new one said “Same great product, NEW PACKAGE!”).
So, why do you ask did I go to Wal-Mart even when I know better? Because I also know that I can get the things I really needed somewhere else, but it would have been about double the price. Next time, I won’t wait until I absolutely need these things before going, and even if I do… it won’t be on a Sunday afternoon.

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  1. Anonymous

    Jonathan the solarpanels are interesting,ya, but where are these panals?I’ve been to lumber yards they look at me like I’m on drungs.What I’m looking for is something with some size mainly because I have other out buildings.But I.m like you even used ones are better then nothing.

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