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Leaving Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica for Bocas Del Toro, Panama

We’re actually not so sad to leave Puerto Viejo.
It seems like a fun little seaside town if you’re into loud parties and drugs, but with the incredible day getting to hang out with sloths yesterday, and, learning about chocolate at its source, we’re ready to move forward.
There’s the call of someplace new… and we have our Scuba certification to finish, and Bocas del Toro is supposed to have some really great Scuba adventures.
So off we go.
Follow the map again from upper left to lower right to see where we’re going.

We are very excited about arriving, though the getting there may bring some of its own stories (we’ve heard that crossing the border can be an interesting experience, so we’ll let you know when crossing the Panamanian border from Costa Rica goes smoothly).

0 thoughts on “Leaving Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica for Bocas Del Toro, Panama

  1. Philip

    That is unfortunate, but true about Puerto Viejo and several of the other tourist towns in Costa Rica. Jaco, Tamarindo, Limon especially can all have uncomfortable amounts of crackheads and drugs. There are some beautiful places in Costa Rica, but I wish they would do a better job of making some of their prettiest and accessible beach towns feel cleaner and safer. I was in Puerto Viejo recently for visa reasons and wouldn’t go back unless I wanted to just go on a major bender. I have lived in Costa Rica and now in Bocas del Toro, and of course there are drugs available here, but there aren’t crackheads and prostitutes all over the streets at night. There is a successful police presence and I think they take safety and solicitation alot more seriously.

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