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Kilimanjaro 2006 – Search Engines and increased workout has found its way into the search engines, which is great! It means we’re starting to get some traffic to the site from people who are looking for sites like ours at the big name search engines.
#2 on MSN for Kilimanjaro preparation
#2 on Blogger for Tanzania
#1 on Google for Giraffe Mouth
So it’s not a lot, and not highly trafficked keywords, but it’s a start! And that’s exciting, because it means that as we actually begin to optimize the site, can bring a lot of value to our sponsors, who will be seen by the thousands of people who will traverse their way through


On an entirely different note, we have stepped up our workouts due to the fact that we leave in 37 days to climb Kilimanjaro. I have started to notice some changes.
For one, I don’t feel like I’m going to die after about 20 minutes on level 9 (a middle level) on the Stairmaster. The thing (the Stairmaster) is actually starting to become my friend, which is kinda’ cool to have some great changes.
When I first started training, I found that after a 25 minute stairmaster workout, my heart was beating pretty heavily (up around 170-175 Beats Per Minute (BPM)). However, after fairly regular workouts, here’s what I did yesterday:
55 minutes on the stairmaster
climbed 231 floors, going 4.82 miles
144 Average Heart Rate
(this is a huge step and nice that my heart rate seems to be generally lower when working out)
602 calories burned
Carrie’s bike tire went flat, and I want to get it fixed so that we can start riding our bikes to the gym and back, so I’m going to go get that done today.
Hope this post is helpful for those preparing and training for a climb up any mountain, but especially for those preparing for Mount Kilimanjaro!

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