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Items received – sleeping pads, thermal water and trekking poles

Items have been coming to the door (or through the door), like crazy! After a trip to the Denver REI, where we purchased a couple more Nalgene bottles, some caribiners for clipping stuff onto our backpacks, and our headlamps, we went across the street to a place called the WILDERNESS EXCHANGE, which, if you live in or around Denver (or Colorado really) and are doing outdoorsy kinds of things, is worth a visit.
Their selection isn’t as good as an REI or EMS, but many of their prices were better on a variety of outdoors gear. I got a couple pairs of wool socks, and Carrie and I both got our trekking poles there, for $20/pair, which is, BY FAR, the cheapest we’ve found to purchase trekking poles.
Much of what we ordered has come to the door as well… Our sleeping pads are currently spending the night overfilled with air (per the instructions the sleeping pads came with), so that they can get stretched and prepped for when we actually use them on the mountain. I was kind of thinking that sleeping pads might not be necessary, and they’re probably not, unless you’re the kind of person who doesn’t sleep well on rocky surfaces – A.K.A. Jonathan and Carrie (and most North Americans…and Europeans…)
Another item which showed up is our thermal water carrier for our Nalgene bottles. Since water freezes at higher elevations (and colder temperatures), it’s good for us to have these to prevent our water from freezing.
More stuff coming in the mail soon – and we’ll be including pictures shortly!

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