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Humming along to the tune of a DJ

Well, nearly all of our major venues and vendors are booked for the wedding. The next biggest thing on the list is finding a DJ. It’s funny, I didn’t know that either of us was very picky about music, until we began searching for our song master. Because Jonathan’s brother Adam was a DJ for so long, and we’ve been to several places recently that had a crummy dj, we would really like a good one. A really good one. You know, one who knows what songs to play when so that people keep dancing; one who has some common sense and knows that certain songs are inappropriate at a wedding; one who can read a crowd. Sure we’ve got a “must play” list and a “no tip for you if you play these songs list” in mind, but that’s not quite enough.
Does ANYONE out there know of a good DJ? Any help greatly appreciated.

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