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Hotel Runcu in Lima, Peru: A Review of Hotel Runcu

(Pictures coming soon)

Hotel Runcu was a nice hotel for sure.

I would recommend it, especially at the Internet rate we booked it at ($49/night).

However, I would NOT recommend our particular room.

If they give you room number 204, ask for a different room, PRONTO!

Room 204, even though it had “no Fumar” (no smoking) signs posted in it, had clearly (and probably recently, from the smell) been smoked in.

If you’re a smoker, this room might be good for you, though you shouldn’t be smoking in it.

WHY do you smoke in a nice hotel room and ruin it for everyone else, including the owners, who have to re-paint once you’ve been there just because you were too lazy to go smoke outside?

We probably got the room we did because Hotel Runcu let us check in to our room when we arrived (at 8AM).

We were also on the second level of the hotel (1 up from the ground floor) which gave us a good amount of road noise.

However, noise is something we’ve become very accustomed to in Central and South America, which, in our experience, are just generally louder places than the US or Germany.

(If you can, make sure to request a non-smoking room that doesn’t smell like smoke, and a room high up from the ground floor.)

Hotel Runcu had WiFi access throughout the building.

The (included) breakfast was something we didn’t try, because Carrie got very sick (some kind of food poisoning) at about 4:30 AM.

As a result, I spent 2 1/2 hours on the phone re-arranging our travel plans, and didn’t make it to breakfast until after it was over.

But even though I got there at 10:15, the restaurant at Hotel Runcu was nice enough to give me some orange juice and some different breads with jelly, which was plenty of breakfast for me.

Hotel Runcu’s location is awesome for access to walking along the sidewalk which runs along the cliffs of the pacific.

If you’re in Lima, and especially if you can get the discounted Internet rate, we recommend Hotel Runcu as a good place to stay.

I wrote most of this post before checking out of the room.

When we booked at Hotel Runcu, we booked through an Internet special for $50 off their standard nightly rate of $99.  This should have made our stay be $49/night.

Instead, when we checked out, after taxes and fees, our charge was $84 for the night.

This is not a good way to leave a hotel – checking out and being charged almost double what you were quoted.

I didn’t argue with the person at the front desk on the price though, because I’d just spent 2 hours dealing with re-scheduling travel arrangements.

Prior to paying $30 more for the night (than we thought we would have to), we had a pretty positive impression of Hotel Runcu.

As said, we liked it at Hotel Runcu.

However, we don’t feel we can really recommend somewhere which tells you they will charge one price when you book the room, and then changes that price when you check out.

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