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Hotel Review: Embassy Suites Oklahoma City (the one on Meridian)

The Embassy Suites In Oklahoma City on Meridian near the airportOklahoma City Embassy Suites Hotel

I would love to give the Embassy Suites hotel in Oklahoma City (the one on Meridian near the airport) an A+ rating.

The service at the front desk was awesome.

The room was fantastic and included microwave, mini-fridge, bar, two rooms (Yes, I do know that’s why they’re called suites).

The main room has nice and comfortable furniture.

main room at the Oklahoma City Embassy Suites

main room at the Oklahoma City Embassy Suites

The King sized bed in my room was fluffy and comfortable.

King Sized Bed in my room in Oklahoma City Embassy Suites

King Sized Bed in my room in Oklahoma City Embassy Suites

Overall, there was a great hotel atmosphere.

Also, it’s the Embassy Suites, so it comes with the well-known “manager’s reception” (free drinks and snacks from 5:30-7:30), and made-to-order breakfast.

All of this was truly fantastic and done just the way you would hope… with excellent friendly service in a nice and fun atmosphere.

Here’s the challenge with this particular Embassy Suites – the windows/doors.

The doors open onto patios, which is a nice feature for sure.  However, that meant (at least in my room,) that I listened to traffic noise on Meridian all night.

This is coming from a person who can sleep with a pillow over his head to block out noise.

I heard the people arguing in the parking lot at 3 AM, a car alarm at 4AM, and heard a diesel truck  at the hotel next door warming up his engine (albeit an aggressive revving of the engine) at 5:30 AM.

The passing cars mellowed out around 2:30 AM, and began again in earnest at 6 AM, which were significant enough to have me out of bed by 6:03.

If the reason you pay a lot for a hotel room is for the amenities, and some significant traffic and parking lot noise is something you can sleep through, the Embassy Suites near the hotel in Oklahoma City is a great hotel for you (again, at least in the room I was in, a South facing room on the Southwest corner of the building).

Everything was great here, except the noise level coming from outside.