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Hotel Hesperia Sant Joan, Barcelona, Spain

Hotel in Barcelona, Hesperia Sant Joan
The Hesperia Sant Joan is an apartment style hotel in the outskirts of Barcelona.

Before booking, I’d read that it was pretty far out from the city center. So, I knew that before getting there.

What I didn’t know was how loud it would be in the rooms.
Hotel in Barcelona, Hesperia Sant Joan

The noises from the hallway were unbelievably loud. This probably had something to do with the fact that the hallways were all tile, and the doors to the room didn’t seal at the top, or the bottom, or the sides for that matter.

Getting in to town was easy, and inexpensive (if you use public transportation EUR 0.65 each). It just takes over an hour. Yikes.
Hotel in Barcelona, Hesperia Sant Joan

(And they wouldn’t credit my frequent flier account even though they specifically say they’re partners on BOTH websites.) They refused, even though I followed all the rules correctly. What they don’t say on either website is that the miles are awarded to “corporates” only. Whatever that means.

All in all, I would stay somewhere else when going to Barcelona. If I ever end up there again.

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