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I am of the opinion that we are meant to have our hearts broken.

Life brings us friends, incredible companions, people who change our lives.

These people impact our lives in ways we couldn’t have thought possible.

And then for various reasons (some of which we don’t quite understand), that changes.

People move on, pass on, or just change.

Right now in our lives, we are the people moving on.

Continuously, place by place, we leave, and our hearts are broken for the loss of the contact of the people who are still there when we leave.

We knew this coming to New Zealand.

We have experienced this heartbreak elsewhere.

We just didn’t anticipate how heartbroken we would feel about the people, the place, and the time we’re leaving behind this time.

I am of the opinion that we are meant to have our hearts broken.

The choice we get to make in life is whether that heartbreak results in a heart that breaks apart, or a heart that breaks open to fully share (with the world) all that is within.

To everyone who made our lives in New Zealand incredible and wonderful, thank-you.

Leaving you has been the most difficult move we’ve made in our travels.

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