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Gobble Gobble! The Turkey Song!

For me, Thanksgiving is an awesome and fun time of the year.
For our friends overseas not familiar with Thanksgiving, here’s the brief background.
Thanksgiving is the day that Americans celebrate the first pilgrim settlers who made it through a whole year (and a harsh winter) in the “new world” of America.
The story goes that at the end of the harvest, the native Americans and the white settlers (those who had survived) from Europe all got together, sang happy songs, and sat down at a table and broke bread together.
Chances are good that the actual story is much more complex. (But we’ll leave that commentary for another time.)
Thanksgiving in the modern sense has become a time to get together with family (and often friends), frequently eating far too much food, watching football (and taking a nap, or a walk, depending on your family), and expressing gratitude for all the wonderful things you have in life.
The traditional Thanksgiving food is turkey with bread stuffing.
All sorts of variations of this food happen of course, but that’s what the majority of people expect to be eating on Thanksgiving.
Enter The 2008 Thanksgiving Song!
I’ve had this song sort of rummaging around in my brain for the past couple of years, so I decided this year, with the help of Carrie (offering encouragement and alternative lyrics), Deanna (offering encouragement and additional lyrics), and my Mom (offering encouragement and creating the accompaniment on the piano), that I would share this fun little song with you!
(Thanks to Adam as well for help with suggestions on the video.)

Happy Thanksgiving (a little early)!
(If you’d like to download it, it will be available shortly… just post a comment below for now and I’ll email it to you.)
Hope you enjoy the song (forward it to a friend if you like it), and thank-you for being a wonderful part of our lives.
Lyrics below:

In a special way
It’s a mighty holiday
No newspapers in the racks
Parade floats on the street
People dancing on their feet
Even some doing jumping jacks
Last spring we went to the farm for fun
And we saw a little one
At the farm of farmer Dan
They called the turkey Tom
Because he was the bomb
And now we’re going to roast him in a pan
Probably be a family fight
And no one will be right
Oh, why can’t they just relax
Here comes the turkey,
We’ll turn him into jerky
We’re gonna’ take him to the ax
Turkeys can be the meanest,
When they’re at their leanest
So they’ve been fattening through the year
And it’s the middle
Of time when weather is brittle
So one thing is very, very clear
Everyone’s coming to eat
So much they won’t see their feet
Afterwards they’ll need Ex-Lax
Here comes the turkey,
We’ll turn him into jerky
We’re gonna’ take him to the ax
Tamed turkeys do not fly
And no one quite knows why
But some people do the turkey trot
Some guests won’t have the will
To stop when they have their fill
So we’ll get the biggest bird they’ve got
(Hope he won’t be too large) Hope he won’t be so big
(to be stuffed by Grandma Marge) we mistake him for a pig
He’ll probably make a mess of the oven racks
Oh maybe we’ll fry him in oil
Or maybe we’ll watch him broil
Either way we’re gonna’ take him to the ax
Oh what a treat
It was to eat that meat
And the tablecloth’s all covered in candle wax
And on this Thanksgiving day
When I tell my wife that I am gay…
I hope that she won’t take me to the ax.

0 thoughts on “Gobble Gobble! The Turkey Song!

  1. Lynn

    I loved the “turkey song”.
    Now Jonathan, you ended up being the turkey in the end
    didn’t you?
    Great for laughs! Thanks.

  2. Tara

    Well, Jonathan, you just have more talent than I ever imagined. This is definitely a unique song. I hope it makes #1 & I can say, “I knew him when …”

  3. John

    Thanx for good song.
    Jonathan you have long life and your so creative.
    You may ask why?
    Singing of this kind show that happy and peace is dwelling in you.
    Psychologist claimed that most great people who having peace in mind live long life.

  4. Janna

    Hey Jonathan,
    I really liked your song! I even think about playing it to one of my English classes for Thanksgiving 🙂
    Have a great week.

  5. Joy Wang

    Hey,This is Joy from China.
    I am going to hold a thanksgiving party for my church, and my America friend suggested me this website about thanksgiving songs,so i am here!
    can you send your song to me, coz i really love this song and i think the people from my church will love this song too! thanks!

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