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Baby Giraffe Born On Video

Ever since seeing giraffes in the wild in Africa, Carrie and I have been rather averse to giraffes (or any animal really) in the zoo.
While zoos are great for being exposed to lots of different kinds of animals, there are lots of things about keeping animals in captivity which just don’t allow people to see the animals for how and what they really are.
One good thing about the zoo though is that because the animals are watched regularly, some pretty amazing moments can be caught on video.
Kevin Fanter showed this video to Carrie and me of a baby giraffe being born in a zoo. We really enjoyed it, and wanted to share it with you.

0 thoughts on “Baby Giraffe Born On Video

  1. John

    Woh! Jonathan youre luck. I know when a baby giraffe is born, and you get to see it, it is the sign of great success in the near future. Get ready to receive.
    Thanx 4 sending

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