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Glasses, the eye kind

Some day I will know what it’s like to wake up and be able to see clearly.  I have no memory of being able to do this.  (I got glasses at age 7.)

For years and years I wore glasses (from 7-16).  At 16 I finally won the battle against my mom for contacts.  (Thanks for your help on this Dr. Wolfly!)

I wore contacts nearly every day.  Until we started our travels.  Then, I realized how much easier on my eyes glasses were.  I didn’t have to worry about getting something unsanitary (from unsafe water) in my glasses case.  No more crying when the tiniest spec of dust got in my eye.

Instead, I got glasses.  You can read about how I went to the eye doctor in Ecuador here.

When we came back to the States, and got jobs, I signed up for vision insurance.  I thought that would be great – they cover doctor appointments, and one pair of glasses or contacts per year.

So, I made my doctor appointment.

While there I realized that because of all the restrictions on glasses, I found out that the cheapest pair of glasses would still cost me $130, even after insurance paid for their share.

So, I went in search of something else.

I ran across a website where you can buy frames for less than $30.  The lenses are also really reasonable.

I decided to buy a pair to test the quality.

The pair I bought online cost me $55 (insurance didn’t cover anything).

I ordered them the same day I ordered the ones from my doctor.

The online pair came in over a week sooner.  And, I honestly like the quality better.

I’m very happy to have learned this lesson now.  I canceled my insurance (saving myself $150 / year), and will only buy my glasses online from now on.  At the price / quality they are, I can get 2 or three pairs and actually have some fun accessorizing my glasses.

Check them out here if you’re interested.

This post is because I want to share my find with you.  I love these glasses, and hope you do too!  The link is an affiliate link.  You pay the same, and we’ll earn a commission.

2 thoughts on “Glasses, the eye kind

  1. strive4impact

    I like the straight forward disclaimer.

    And let me make sure I understand…

    You can get three pairs of glasses for the same cost as 1 year of eye doctor insurance (which still requires a co-pay at the optometrist) right?

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