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Getting new glasses in Ecuador – know your Spanish alphabet

I’ve been wanting new glasses for a while now.  (Actually since my niece got some SUPER cool looking glasses).  About two months ago, I asked our Spanish teacher, Maribel, where she got hers.

She took us to the store (optica) and we spent a few minutes looking at frames.  I didn’t see any that I liked, but Maribel did.

Getting new glasses in Quito, Ecuador

She told us she was going to go back and get them the next week.

Well, last week, I asked her why she wasn’t wearing her new glasses yet.  She said that she hadn’t gotten them yet.

Jonathan and I had been trying to think of a gift we could give Maribel as a thank you for all she’s done for us over the last 8(!) weeks of Spanish classes.

We had our answer.

So, we took Maribel for a walk.  We didn’t tell her where we were going.

When we arrived at the glasses place, and told her we wanted to buy her new glasses, she was thrilled, embarrassed, shocked, pleased, and timid all at once.

Getting new glasses in Quito, Ecuador

While Maribel went for her eye exam, Jonathan went with her, and I looked at the frames.

Jonathan ended up getting an eye exam too!  (The exam was free.)
Getting new glasses in Quito, Ecuador

Jonathan missed a couple of the letters… not because he couldn’t see them, but because he mispronounced their names in Spanish.

**It was also funny when the doctor was filling out his form, she asked him “Edad?” (which means “Age?”), and Jonathan answered “United States”.

This time, I found a pair I liked.  So, we decided that I would have my eye exam while Maribel decided between two pairs of glasses.

Unfortunately, I had to wait to have my exam because I’d been wearing my contacts (apparently, I have to wait 3 days between wearing hard contacts and having an eye exam).

Maribel picked out her glasses, and was told they’d be ready in 3 days.

On Tuesday last week, we all went back.  Maribel got to pick up her glasses, and I got to have my eye exam and order my pair.

Getting new glasses in Quito, Ecuador

Getting new glasses in Quito, Ecuador

We got 3 eye exams and 2 pairs of glasses (one with transition lenses) for under $200.

Some days I really love Ecuador.

Getting new glasses in Quito, Ecuador

Carrie got her new classes in Quito, Ecuador

Here’s an interesting article on “Which is greener?  Contact Lenses or Glasses?” give it a read.

What do you think of my new specs?  Oh, and PS – those earrings I’m showing off are made from WATERMELON SEEDS!  Crazy.

13 thoughts on “Getting new glasses in Ecuador – know your Spanish alphabet

  1. Amy

    LOVE the new glasses! The exam looks pretty entertaining! You two can make any mundane event fun and informational!!! 🙂

  2. cori

    I live in Ecuador and am going to be spending 2 weeks in Quito. Could you send me the address of the Optica store where you got your glasses? I got glasses in Ibarra and they’re just not right and cost over $400!!

    1. Jonathan

      Hi Cori,

      Here’s the address:

      Optica Luz de Vida
      Veintimilla E9-84 y Tamayo
      Sector Universidad Catolica
      Quito, Ecuador

      TEL: 2541 041/099905146

      Let us know if you have any difficulty finding it. When will you be in Quito?



      1. cori

        thanx so much for getting back to me w/ the info. I’ll be there studying spanish April 19-30th. I’ve been living in Cotacachi for 2.5 yrs – it’s time to communicate w/ the natives!!
        My Best,

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    1. strive4impact

      Hey Tony,

      I don’t know if the glasses place/optician is still there, as we haven’t been there since 2010. But if you’d like me to ask our Spanish teacher who lives in Quito, I’ll see if she can take a look and let you know the address… let me know!

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