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Overnight Bus From Chiclayo, Peru, to Cajamarca, Peru: Turismo Dias Bus Company

I don’t know why the seats and bus we booked with Turismo Dias got switched, but the bus we ended up on with Turismo Dias had no AC.

It was pretty hot until the guy in front of me went to sleep and I could open the window.

The Turismo Dias bus was (I guess) comfortable enough (the seats did recline quite a bit).

But Turismo Dias was relatively squishy compared to other bus companies we’ve ridden with (like Andesmar in Argentina, Cruz Del Sur in Peru, and CIFA from Ecuador to Peru).

We paid extra for the “Bus Cama” seats, but the bus they showed in their picture as the top level bus they had, was not the one we ended up on

Our recommendation – no matter what your taxi driver says in Chiclayo, if you are going from Chiclayo, Peru, to Cajamarca, Peru on an overnight bus, take Transportes De Linea.

Insist on going to the terminal of Transportes De Linea in Chiclayo. They have the best reputation for good service, and our trial with Turismo Dias resulted in a very hot overnight bus.

(We would recommend Cruz Del Sur as the better company, but to the best of our knowledge, Cruz Del Sur doesn’t run the route from Chiclayo to Cajamarca, Peru.)

Pay for the best seats Transportes De Linea has (if you can afford them).

You will be happy you did (or more likely, you’ll need to be willing to be uncomfortable if you choose a different bus company or lower grade seats).

And, as always, take a jacket and warm clothing with you on the bus.

In general, it seems that the best companies keep the buses cold, which is 100 times better than having the buses be hot.

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