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Cajamarca, Peru: Ceramics

While staying with Vicky at Casa Mirita (homestay in Cajamarca, Peru), she took us on a brief tour of her neighborhood.

Today was Sunday, and the power was turned off (city-wide in a conservation effort).

That didn’t stop us though.

Vicky took us around and showed us the ceramic workshops of some of her neighbors.  At the first stop, they make “piggy-banks”.  But these banks are in all different shapes.
Ceramics in Cajamarca, Peru
They do everything by hand.  Even making their own clay.

The use this machine to grind these rocks.  They then mix them with water.
Ceramics in Cajamarca, Peru
Ceramics in Cajamarca, Peru
Then, they shape the clay into the molds (that they made themselves as well).   Then it’s time for drying, then painting.
Ceramics in Cajamarca, Peru
I especially liked the elephants.
Ceramics in Cajamarca, Peru
One thing that is different about these banks is that there’s no money release.  If you want your money back out, you have to break the bank.  Literally.

I kind of like that concept.  It means that you better REALLY want that money.

And it also means that my little sister couldn’t have stolen the money out of my bank…ahem.

Our next stop was another ceramics studio.  However, they were taking the day off today, so we just got to look at their products.  They make small vases and bowls.
Ceramics in Cajamarca, Peru
Thanks for the tour Vicky, and thank you to your neighbors for letting us have a look around!

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