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First Few Days of the Honeymoon

Once again, we want to thank all of you for helping to make our wedding so special, either by your attendance, or by all the things you did to make our wedding just perfect. Thank-you so much!
So… All of our wedding pictures are online. There is a fun slideshow (put together by Tom) at and the gallery of photos is available at
Our first couple of days in London have been fabulous. We have an awesome flat where we are staying near the South Kensington underground (tube, subway, etc.) station. Thanks so much Dan and Jane! This place rocks.
So far we have seen: Buckingham Palace, where the Queen lives; Big Ben and the houses of Parliment; Westminster Abbey; Picadilly Circus (not really a circus, it’s the Times Square of London); “The Merchant of Venice” performed in The Globe Theatre (awesome); Trafalgar Square; Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens; Kensington Palace (Princess Diana’s favorite home); and St. Paul’s Cathedral (amazing – the main church of the Church of England).
That’s a “quick” run down of what we’ve seen so far. We’ll post detailed thoughts and feelings on some of these places when we do a more detailed post. Here are a few picture highlights (clicking on the smaller pictures will show you the larger version)

Parilament and London at Dusk
Jonathan with the royal horse guard
Westminster Abbey
Westminster Abbey (back)
Carrie and Jonathan at The Globe Theatre (Shakespeare’s theatre)
A lovely afternoon in Hyde Park

0 thoughts on “First Few Days of the Honeymoon

  1. Susan

    What a super way to spend a honeymoon!
    I am so glad you get to be there. Are you sure I can’t come along?
    Love you both,

  2. Sue Zamora

    This is so cool. It’s great to SEE you’re having a wonderful time There’s a b-day party for Emily S tonight.
    I’m going to print some of these to take and share.

  3. Renee Fields

    I am so happy you are being able to do all these fabulous things. Continue to enjoy life. I just arrived home from my month with friends in central England & sorry I left as your were arriving & was not able to visit with you.
    Unfortunately I have a cold & sore throat so trying to get well so I can visit my son’s in Austin & Kansas. My love & best wishes to you. KEEP HAVING FUN!! England is a wonderful place FILLED with fabulous things to see everywhere. You MUST put Chester, England, on your list–a walled city with a great zoo. SALISBURY is not far from London & is also a MUST kind of town with the famous Salisbury Cathedral. My other FAVORITE PLACE is near Salisbuery & is LONGLEAT–a huge Mansion to tour, an animal safari & darling zoo with unusual animals, bird shows, boat to feed seals & see the gorillas, etc.
    Tickets are good for 2 days, which it will take to see it all!! Trains are fast & cheap. GET WITH IT!! Love and MY VERY BEST WISHES!! Renee

  4. Mom

    These pictures just make me smile and I love telling people you’re on a 6-week honeymoon.
    Have a wonderful time!!
    Love always, Mom Lisa

  5. Jonathan and Carrie

    Susan (Mom) – Want to meet us in Northern Germany in a week? You’d be welcome!
    Sue – Hope the pictures were well-received!
    Renee – We were sorry to have missed you! It will be fun when we actually get to meet in person and not just virtually. Perhaps we can do so in Texas sometime? Or maybe you could arrange to come and visit us in Colorado?
    Lisa (Mom) – We love being on a 6-week honeymoon (though Jonathan is currently in Los Angeles…). Glad you enjoyed the pictures!
    Thank-you to everyone for coming and checking out our pictures and adventrues on the site here! We are so fortunate and blessed to have such great people in our lives! Your love and support is really an important part of what helps us know we can go traveling!
    Keep checking back! More pictures and stories are coming!

  6. Obinna

    Hey you two,
    As I look thru your site I am reminded of something uncle Frank(Frank Aucoin) taught me. He said the purpose of money is to purchase experiences!! I am happy to see that you guys understand that as well.
    I am PROUD of the two of you! Keep on making the discoveries together!! You are an INCREDIBLE EXAMPLE!!
    I LOVE YOU!!

  7. Jeff , Laura and kids

    We had the best time at your wedding, only wish we could have spent more time with you. Have a great time on your honeymoon – can’t wait to see more pictures!

  8. Lynn Fanter

    Hope evey day is special for both of you. Have fun. I can’t wait to hear all of the great stories you will have when you get back.
    Love to you both

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