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Exploring London (again)

I just got back from Los Angeles yesterday… or the day before, depending what time zone you live in.
In any case, I’ve been (back) here since Sunday.
I think Carrie is happy to have me back (really happy!), but I also think she enjoyed her time here in London as well.
The Altitude conference I went to in Los Angeles was truly amazing, and is the start of something that I feel will be a big movement for business in America… but I’ll post about that on the Strive4impact blog at some point in the nearer future.
We are really…

…enjoying an awesome time here in London
So far, we’ve seen a lot of the more touristy things associated with London.
Carrie has been writing reviews of the restaurants we’ve eaten at on her web site.
(Click the link to read her reviews – opens in new window.)
Westminster Abbey
We really liked Westminster Abbey, but to be honest, we were expecting more of a church and less of a monument. If you go to the abbey expecting a church, you might be a little disappointed, as it’s more of a tribute to the heroes who died serving England, and those who glorified England with their life’s work, than a place of worship. It’s still a fascinating and cool place to be, just not quite what we expected.
Houses of Parliament and Big Ben
Not really much to see here, other than a really nice walk by the river Thames (great thing for a honeymooning couple – that’s us!) and some really great photo ops.
Saint Paul’s Cathedral
If you’ve never seen a big European Cathedral, this is one place you simply must visit.
It’s mind-bogglingly huge. It’s the mother church of the Church of England, and definitely left us with the feeling that we’d been some place that would be difficult to describe. We actually made it to the cathedral while there was a service going on, so we didn’t have to pay to get in. (If you want to go for a service, you won’t need to pay either. (Otherwise, it’s like $20. But probably still worth it, depending on what kind of sightseeing you like to do.) Suffice it to say that if you can, visit Saint Paul’s Cathedral.
Since our time is short here at this point (we leave for Germany on Friday morning), we’ve decided not to go to Scotland or Ireland.
It’s a sad decision, but we know we’ll see these beautiful countries at a later date, so we’re saving them for a “northern Europe” trip at some point in the future.
So, with our remaining three days in London, we’ll be seeing:
The Tower of London
The Tower Bridge (the famous bridge most people mistake for London Bridge)
Windsor Castle
The Tate Modern museum
Borough Market (one of London’s more famous markets, but only open on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday), so we’ll go here Thursday
And the Jack the Ripper tour
So, stay tuned for pictures of these locations.
Thanks for following along with us as we travel around London!

0 thoughts on “Exploring London (again)

  1. Adam Roth

    You two are so awsome. I hope that I find a partner that is so willing to skip around the world. Congrats once agian and I am glad that you are taking advatage of your youth!!! Cheers my friends!

  2. Lisa

    Sounds like you’re having a wonderful time! This is a lot faster than getting a postcard in the mail!! Looking forward to the next update!! Love, Mom

  3. Jonathan

    We were just talking about that today, because we were about to buy some (overpriced) post cards and realized that we had taken better pictures (and pictures more relevant to us) than any post card we would purchase. So, hope you don’t mind not receiving a post card. We like this method better!
    Should have another update up soon!
    Jonathan and Carrie

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