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Feature Fridays 2011: Your Business Featured!

We are doing something we think is really exciting in 2011, and would love your feedback!

It might not be “right” for you, but if you know someone who this kind of advertising is right for, would you please forward them this page/video?

If you or they want to get questions answered or join the notification list, please visit the Feature Fridays section.

Also, we’d LOVE to have your thoughts/comments here on the site!

6 thoughts on “Feature Fridays 2011: Your Business Featured!

  1. Deanna

    This looks SO Awesome you guys! I love the video and the ideas within it 🙂 I don’t know if any of my friends would know people who would be interested in this, but I’ll be posting it on facebook.

    Love you!

  2. Ed

    Impressive! You folks are quite the marketers. I think this will work out well for you.

    My business is technical and a very small market. Links on your pages wouldn’t work for me and neither would a video. A good web page would, though.

    Just in passing, my interest in your travels is pretty much limited to Latin America. Unless you visit Malta or Estonia or Denmark.



  3. Katherine

    Hey Guys!

    I loved the video, it’s an awesome idea!!!

    I’m building my photography business and currently am waiting on my website to be up and running! Maybe this might help me after the site is up? I’m not sure, but I’m going to post on Facebook and pass it along to whomever I know would appreciate marketing/advertisement like this!