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The Power Of The Times We Live In

We live in truly amazing times.

Yes, this is a marketing pitch for Ralph Lauren, but watch the show and what they are able to create.

Truly awesome.

13 thoughts on “The Power Of The Times We Live In

  1. Caroline J

    Hi Carrie and Jonathan – I just love the site. The idea behind it, your list of things to accomplish and your ethos. I see that you are in NZ. My sister & I spent 3 months in a Motorhome travelling around, so if you are doing this, I’m jealous.(We went before we knew how to start a Blog 🙁 )
    I just love the video on sledging on 7 mile beach – not something we did. It looks great fun!
    Our next adventure is a couple of months in Italy in 2011 and as we now know how to set up a Blog, have started it. Look forward to hearing more about your adventures.
    Wales, UK

    1. strive4impact Post author

      Hey Caroline! Thank-you very much for your compliments and for connecting up. We loved our travels around NZ in motorhomes as well. We’ve done 3 motorhome/campervan tours and would do another one… and may before we leave New Zealand. 3 months sounds like a long time in a camper. We enjoyed it, but I’m not sure we would have done it for 3 months… was it a good sized camper?

      1. Caroline J

        Hi C & J – Lovely to speak with you (as it were). We actually spent a couple of months in the van travelling everywhere apart from Nelson (and 90 mile beach – made a mistake with 7 mile beach!) and a month getting to NZ and getting home. Yes, we really enjoyed our hotel room before flying out 🙂 The van was a 6 berth for the 2 of us – we do like lots of room. Ha ha
        P.S. Have you been to Invercargill at all?
        PPS. Love the idea of Feature Friday videos – wish I’d thought of that!

        1. strive4impact Post author

          Hey Caroline! Why not do Wacky Weekends in Wales? Just throwing something out there.

          We’re definitely planning on a year in the future when we just highlight the beauty and awesomeness of Colorado (where we’re from). Probably in a couple of years when we get settled back in Colorado… That’s the plan at the moment anyway…

          Featuring a local area can really work well though, because you build a fan base at home who can actually really relate to you. Then when you go traveling, they follow you there too.

          6 berth would be perfect for 2 people for 3 months. The 4 berth was great for Carrie and me as a married couple. Sounds like you had an amazing time. Everyone raves about Nelson… We were there for a morning and thought it was alright… but it was cold and gray the day we were there, so that might have something to do with it.

          I really like the look of I like how you’ve incorporated the words into the title of the post as well… though that might bother some people over time. I think it’s fun.

          Well done with your site!



          1. Caroline J

            J – are you in an internet caff? Wacky Weekends in Wales – sounds about right! Thankx for your comments about the Italian site. We’ve just started it and so mindful of optimising well to begin with, but agree, over time will leave out.
            Anything we can do to promote your site? Tweeted, Liked etc…just let me know.

          2. strive4impact Post author

            I’m at our apartment in Auckland – 2:00 AM now. Anything you want to do to promote our site we’ll happily accept. Tweeted, linked, all of that we are 100% open to. I can do an audio interview for your site if you’d like that… we’ve been to Italy before and will get there on our 2011 travels, so it’s relevant content for your site if we can theme the interview correctly. Let me know when would work for you to do that.

          3. Caroline J

            Hi Jonathan – Wow that sound like a very kind and generous offer. Thank You. Time wise, I work from home so I can fit around most days if enough notice (not Thursdays tho’). What would be involved?

  2. Caroline J

    PS. Forgot to say that all I can see on this post (The Power of the times we live in) is the Vimeo emdedded code (I think that’s what it is). but no video or picture. Just thought you’d like to know.

  3. Adam

    Its a little brash to call it the worlds first 4D experience at the end….since that castle one that I sent you and you posted was basically the same thing. But very cool nonetheless. They should have called it the worlds first 4D Marketing Experience.

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