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Family Memories of Gordon Nuttall

A portrait of Grandpa GordonHere are some of the family’s collected memories of the man they knew as their dad and grandpa.

J.T. Rooney (Cousin)
After Grandpa Gordon passed away […] the family gathered to talk about his life.

I learned more that night about him than I ever had before, and the new information has allowed me to look back on previous memories more fondly.

Finding out he played string bass was amazing and led me to play bass later on, which in turn affected all of my musical choices and experiences afterwards.

Abby Kelleher (Cousin)
My favorite memory of Grandpa Gordon is playing “slap hands” while waiting for a table at a restaurant on my 5th or 6th birthday.

He always told me that you could learn everything you needed to know about someone by looking them straight in the eyes.

Adam Kraft (My brother – One of the Cousins)
My favorite memory of Grandpa Gordon is playing chess with him. Grandpa is who taught me to play chess. I’m pretty sure he let me win sometimes…but not all the time…

Dana (Nuttall) Kelleher
My dad always was very wise in many ways. I have used this quote many times with my own children, “You choose your friends, don’t let your friends choose you.”

My favorite memories of my dad are when we would go dancing. As a child, I remember standing on top of his feet to learn steps, as an adult we went out dancing for the pure pleasure of dancing.

Gail (Nuttall) Sindelar
Grandpa Gordon loved Christmas.  It was always so much fun to put up the tree — and hope it stayed up.  The year we got Hilda she barked all night long.  Mom and Dad had put her in a big box right next to the tree.  We all knew what was the big present that year — even without getting out of our rooms and snooping.  The year Gordy got his train set, we all got sent to bed earlier than usual for Christmas Eve.  Dad (and his brothers) were so tired Christmas Day, but they played with the train set all day!

Another great memory of Dad was when he invited the “Fogcutters” to dinner.  Lisa and I were in the band’s “Fan Club”.  I think Lisa was an officer! 

Dad said he invented a drink called the Fogcutter:  pineapple juice, orange juice, and vodka.  We were in junior high school.

Lisa (Nuttall) Kraft
I have lots of wonderful memories with my Dad, but being the oldest of six, I truly relished the moments we had together, just the two of us.

I’d stumble all over myself trying to keep up with him on the dance-floor or to play the organ while he banged around on his bass.

I’d rush out the door when I’d hear him coming home just so I could have a couple seconds with him before everybody else would crowd around.

I’d feel so guilty when I’d disappoint him by doing something wrong and sometimes I’d do something wrong just so I could get his undivided attention.

He was a man that got everyone’s attention through his amazing smile, his visions for a fancy remodel or brand new home, his gift of conversation, his genuine interest in everyone around him, and his amazing talent for everything he tried to do.

Dad lived life to the fullest and in the end left a legacy through the family that he and Mom created which lives on in being teachers and musicians and entrepeneurs.

The Nuttall tradition lives on!

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