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Eating Crocodile For The First Time

On our 3 day whirlwind tour through the South of Vietnam, I tried crocodile for the first time.

I have absolutely no pictures of this experience.

But I do have pictures of the crocodiles at the farm (where we bought the 750 grams of crocodile meat in processed and frozen form).

No pictures of crocodile eating is a bit of a tragedy (or a victory, depending on who you are and how you feel about eating crocodiles).

However, it was 4 flights of stairs down to where the crocodile was cooking on grills on our tables, and the backup battery was upstairs.

Yes, I was too lazy/worn out/done taking pictures to climb 4 flights of stairs to get these aforementioned pictures of my first ever experience eating crocodile.

However, I’ll say this about the experience…

  • Some bites of crocodile tasted a bit fishy.
  • Some bites tasted more like pork.
  • Some bites had their own unique flavor.

Overall, I actually kind of liked it. 

Crocodile is the kind of thing that I could see people really learning to love (once you get over the idea that you’re eating the meat of something that has the ability to eat you).

It was farmed crocodile from a croc farm that we visited, so no wild crocodiles were harmed in the making of this event.

The three Australians we were with said that kangaroo is even better than crocodile, if it’s cooked properly.

Kangaroo… something I may add to the list.

My advice: definitely try crocodile if you’re up to the thought of it – and don’t judge it from only one bite, as it seems to have many different tastes.

4 thoughts on “Eating Crocodile For The First Time


    By the way, in case you did not know—you can eat crocs
    in the U.S. in Louisiana!!
    By the way, in 2010, a TV station did a study of some pork
    from Asia, that was sent to restaurants over here in the US, & the
    scientist said they found some “rat” mixed in with the pork!!!
    I hope, so of those varried “flavors” you were tasting were not
    something other than croc!! HA!

  2. del

    I just had my first taste of pickled croc tonight. Very nice indeed. I’m in Aus so I’ve had kangaroo (best cooked medium or rare, has a strong flavor like rich beef) also have had pigeon, quail, snake, goat, rabbit, and plenty of bush tucker including emu and goanna (my best friend is aboriginie) you should definately visit Australia some day =)

  3. Bonnie Way

    I had crocodile while I was in Australia. It was part of a “touristy” thing at a hotel in Sydney. People kept commenting that it tasted like chicken because it’s white meat. I don’t really remember what it tasted like, though I do have pictures of the croc sausages I tried later. 🙂

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