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Diving in Amed, Bali, Indonesia: Staying at Geria Giri Shanti

There are only two things that could have made our stay and 3 days of diving in Amed, Bali, Indonesia more amazing.

Otherwise, our time spent in Amed with Ian and Elly, at Geria Giri Shanti Bungalows, was truly fantastic.

I don’t think the word “bungalows” does the comfy beds and pillows much justice.  It’s really nice.

Both very worldly and well-traveled people, Ian (originally from England) and Elly (originally from Holland) decided to move to a place where Ian could go diving in his favorite dive spots every day.

Not only do they run a wonderful accommodation, but the dive shop is right on site in Amed.

So you can wake up in the morning, have breakfast (included with the room price), and head out for a day with some of the best diving in the world.

So what were the two things that would have made our stay in Amed even nicer?

  1. We wish that Geria Giri Shanti had Wifi Internet.  There is an Internet Café close by however (ask Ian for directions… it’s literally 100 meters down the road)
  2. We wish that something could be done about the roosters next door.  Maybe it’s just the time that we were at Geria Giri Shanti, but the neighbor had at least 3 roosters (cock fighting is popular in Bali) which crowed pretty incessantly up until 10PM and started again at 2 AM.  We’re in Indonesia, and of course you’re going to have rooster noise where ever you stay (outside of a big chain hotel somewhere in Partyville).  We know and anticipate that.  We just don’t anticipate listening to roosters every 10-20 seconds, especially in a place as nice as Geria Giri Shanti.
  3. (Optionally, air conditioning would be a nice touch, but we’re in Indonesia.  I don’t expect to have air conditioning everywhere I go, and especially not in a small town like Amed, Indonesia.)

If those are our only suggestions for improvement (and I mean our only suggestions for improvement), you can imagine that it was pretty nice to stay here.

And at $18/night, including breakfast, private rooms and bathrooms, beautifully cared for gardens, and easy access to all the local diving (with a very knowledgable diving expert – Ian), Geria Giri Shanti is definitely a great place to stay when in Amed, Bali, Indonesia.

I’m escaping the rooster now and going to get a $7 massage on the beach.

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