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Crazy Crunched Cockroach Continues to Crawl in Buenos Aires: Plus A Weekend In Cordoba

We had a cockroach in our apartment. It was big. Not huge, but big.
I suppose this comes with living in a big city.
But it was actually rather comical. I was sitting at the table in the main room, and Carrie was in the bedroom with the twin beds.
Suddenly I hear this “Whoa! Whoa! Yuck!”
Followed by a couple of swats with what sounded like a flip flop.
Jonathan: “You okay?”
Carrie: “Yep. Cockroach.”
Jonathan: “Yuck. Big one?”
Carrie: “Uh-huh.”
So I get up and go into the room where there is a cockroach which has clearly been smacked because it’s sort of oozing. (Sorry to be gross.)
Carrie: “I’m just surprised how fast it moved!”
Jonathan: “You’re sure it’s dead?”
Carrie: “Yep. I heard it pop.”
Jonathan: “Want me to throw it away?”
Carrie: “Yes, please.”
Jonathan: “Sure it’s dead?”
Carrie: “Yep.”
So I moved a suitcase to get closer to pick it up. Despite the oozing nature of it, the thing took off and freaked both of us out.
So I asked Carrie for a bigger shoe.
Carrie: “But I heard it pop.”
Jonathan: “I know. I saw it oozing.”
A few solid heel swats later with a dress shoe, and the cockroach was definitely dead.
Mostly, he just freaked us out with his erratic moving. We didn’t know just how crazily or fast a big cockroach moved.
I wrote a poem/limerick (below) in response to this incident.

Kevin and Annmarie left on Monday, but over the weekend, we went to Cordoba. I made a video to showcase the highlights of the trip.

We actually stayed in Capilla del Monte, did hiking on the hill Cerro Uritorco, visited the artisan village at La Cumbre, and ate some of the best steak I’ve ever had in my life there at La Cumbre, Argentina.

The hills above Cordoba are a good 10 hours away from Buenos Aires, because a good portion of the road between here and there is a two-lane highway. (And don’t let anyone tell you that it will take less time. It’s just not true. Getting there took us 12+ hours.) So we spent a lot of time together in the car.

Here’s the highlight video.

Prior to the trip to Cordoba, we spent some time doing things in the city, including going to Café Tortoni (big tourist destination, fun though), and the Evita Museum (only open since 2001).

I made a short video to highlight our evening at Café Tortoni.

Visiting Evita’s Museum was absolutely fascinating! I was in Evita (the musical) in high school, and had really only heard one side of the story about her life (Andrew Lloyd Webber, while writing an amazing musical and making her famous in the eyes of people in America – not only Argentina and/or Europe, shows some bias that he didn’t have a fully favorable opinion of Evita and her life choices… at least that’s the way I remember it from doing the show in high school). The Museum costs 10 pesos (about $3), and wasn’t feeling “worth” it until we were invited to take the English guided tour of the museum.

TOTALLY worth it. No additional cost, and was given by a great tour guide named Santiago who had an awesome approach to the whole tour. “Love her, hate her, it really doesn’t make a difference to me, my job here is to tell you about her life, make it as interesting as it actually was, and let you make your own decision about whether she was Santa Evita (Saint Evita) or a devil.”

What a fascinating life she lived, especially for someone who only lived to be 33, and was instrumental in making so many changes in the government in her lifetime.

Like us, Kevin and Annmarie like to cook, and Kevin made some awesome guacamole, so here’s a pic of Kevin’s guacamole…

And now, here’s the limerick.

Crazy Crunched Cockroach Continues to Crawl

I hate to see cockroaches
They’re tops among things I dislike
They move around quickly
With scratching sounds that sound sickly
So surprising they make me yell "Zikes!"

I hate knowing there could be cockroaches
Walking into the room where I’m sleeping
Crawling under the door
And all round on the floor
Perhaps at me they are peeping

But I have an idea for cockroaches
A plan with which I’m sure they’ll agree
They’ll all go to an island far far far away
Filled with bugs, grass, smog, dirt, and pollution, and hay,
Where from the heel of my shoe they’ll be free.

We were sad to see Kevin and Annmarie go, but we’re enjoying our place here in Buenos Aires, and we are looking forward to having Carrie’s older sister come and visit us starting tomorrow.

More to come soon!

0 thoughts on “Crazy Crunched Cockroach Continues to Crawl in Buenos Aires: Plus A Weekend In Cordoba

  1. Kevin Gianni

    Dude, the travel book said 9 hours… 🙂
    The video is great! Thanks for inviting us, we had an amazing time.
    I think travel video blog is your calling, my friend.

  2. renee fields

    YES, I did turn 64 today. Thanks for your wishes. All I really wanted for my Birthday–was 10 years back!!
    Love your reports. KEEP ENJOYING YOUR LIVES!! Remember to try to make it to Bariloche, Argentina eventually, if any way possible.
    It’s knows as the “Little
    Switzerland,” & a darling little town, nice lrg. church. There are wonderful boat rides between Bariloche & Chile, the way I arrived from Peulla, Chile.

  3. Brian & Jamie

    Great post, the videos were fun to watch! Thanks for keeping us up to date, it’s really fun to watch your trip from the internet. See you soon.
    Brian & Jamie

  4. renee

    You are a very good poetry writer! Honest.
    Keep your videos coming to me. I’m really enjoying all your adventures.

  5. Martin Suttill

    Hi guys,
    Good video – you probably didn’t know but La Cumbre was founded by the British and La Falda by the German’s hence the architecture etc. There’s a great old hotel in La Falda called the Eden Hotel where it was rumored that Hitler may flee to after the war..
    Cerro Uritorco is also a place rumored for UFO sightings – I climbed it last month – that pool is great!
    My NGO works are based in La Cumbre and we work in the whole valley of Punilla in reforestacion of the area and looking after the water shed.

  6. Brad Bluhm

    One point of interest regarding cockroackes, they are reported to be able to withstand extreme doses of nuclear radiation. Very tough critters as Carrie found out. They will probably be around long after the human race has disappeared.

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