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Council Christmas Picnic and Secret Santa Tea

New Zealand Christmas

It’s been ages since I’ve been to a company holiday party. Since 2003 to be exact.

Auckland Council had a Christmas party in the park to celebrate the holidays. It wasn’t for the whole of the council as that would have been thousands of people, but it was for everyone who worked in the finance department.
New Zealand Christmas
It was really fun. We caught a bus from downtown and went to the famous One Tree Hill park. When we got there, lunch had been catered (with wine and beer -whoohoo) and a few people brought games.
New Zealand Christmas
So, we enjoyed a nice game of Uno, and had fun teaching some players the joys and pitfalls of Uno. It reminded me of the time when Jonathan and I played Uno in Papa John’s pizza in Quito with Emily and Kurtis while there was a torrential downpour outside.

It was fun, but didn’t feel like Christmas since it was so hot outside. It was a nice different experience.
New Zealand Christmas
A few days later, we had the secret Santa exchange at work. There was a $5 limit on gifts.
Santa came to distribute them.

Jonathan got a picture frame, and I got a bottle of wine.

Thanks Santa!
New Zealand Christmas

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