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Christmas Comes in Boxes

 Christmas comes in a box to our New Zealand apartmentIn New Zealand, Christmas has arrived in a box from the United States.

And it’s amazing how much just a few decorations and a few wrapped packages do to make our whole apartment feel more Christmasey.

Every other Christmas I’ve ever experienced (that’s 30 Christmases) has been preceded by at least one snowstorm, at least one experience of shovelling, or at least one experience of feeling really cold.

This year, really cold happened in June, July, and August.

And now it’s starting to get really nice.

The weather’s getting sunny, people are out jogging early in the morning, and flowers are in full bloom.

So it’s been difficult to have an experience of feeling Christmas or Christmastime.

But this box which arrived with wrapping paper and bows (and handwriting I recognize because it’s been on tags since my very first Christmases), has suddenly brought Christmas to our New Zealand apartment.

And I’m excited to see what’s inside the wrapping paper, and even more excited to have packages to open on Christmas.

I’m such a little kid.

(Thank-you for sending the box of presents!)

5 thoughts on “Christmas Comes in Boxes

  1. Mom

    Deanna is here and we just unwrapped your blog together because once again I missed it when you first wrote it! How special to know 1. you received the box in time 2. that it meant as much to you to receive it as it meant for me to send it 3. that Christmas is about expectation and that you’ll have something to unwrap for Christmas. Don’t feel bad — it’s quite unseasonably warm here too! Deanna broke her arm last year because there was so much ice in the parkinglots at CSU and this year, they still have not scraped the streets once (except in the mountains!) Merry Christmas you two — we love you!

  2. Renee

    Being the wonderfully sweet person that you are, in writing your comments, I’m quite sure that since you were writing “from your heart”
    you were not even aware of what a “great writer” you are!
    Take this GREAT EXAMPLE of speech from this one comment you
    made–fantastic writing: “But this box which arrived with wrapping paper and bows (AND HANDWRITING I RECOGNIZE BECAUSE IT’S BEEN ON TAGS SINCE MY VERY FIRST CHRISTMAS)!!” (AND a loving comment in honor of you obviously fantastic mom!!!!)

  3. Renee

    All is fine. No storm. It took me 2 yrs. to get my new roof put on,
    from Ike & my patio roof replaced from a tornado during the hurricane.
    I just cooked 3 days for my 4 best friends; 1st day made
    2 pumpkin pies & a huge peach/pear cobbler; 2nd day cooked the green
    beans, candied sweet potatoes, & cream cheese/marshmellow fruit salad
    & deviled eggs; de-boned the cooked chicken today, and tomorrow just before they come, I’ll put in the chicken & dressing & fix the cream corn and salad. So, it will be only rest for me after that.

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