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Boquete: Two Excellent Weeks In The Mountains of Panama

Two weeks in Boquete, Panama. We love Boquete. And we spent two weeks here in Boquete house-sitting for our friends David and Cora. During our time in Boquete, we got to spend time at the castle with Tom and Caroline, went to Cafe Lerida, met 5 cool Canadians, and ate breakfast at Olga’s Restuarant. We also went to Amigo’s, the local Gringo favorite hangout.

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visited 15 states (6.66%)Create your own visited map of The World On our trip through Central America, I got to add 6 countries to my map of visited countries. It’s too bad not all of them have a stamp representation…

Geckos, Roosters, Fireworks, Car Alarms, Children, Dogs, Sneezing, Parades and Bells, Doorbells, and Construction

What can you really do about so much noise but laugh? I’m a relatively light sleeper, and have learned to travel with earplugs. In fact, before departing on this part of our travel/working experience, Carrie and I bought a box…