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A Review of Casa Luna Hotel in Antigua, Guatemala

Things I like about Casa Luna Hotel in Antigua, Guatemala:
Casa Luna hotel in Antigua Guatemala
The owner, Victor, is very nice and is very helpful. He can connect you with anyone or any tour and arrange whatever tours you may need. He is also just a nice guy.
Casa Luna has a warm (not necessarily hot, but warm) shower. The rooms are inexpensive, and the beds (at least in the room we were in) are comfortable. The rooms at Casa Luna also have TV’s (not that we eve turned ours on), but we know that Casa Luna gets US TV channels because we could hear CNN and other American programming coming into our room from other neighboring rooms.

What we didn’t like about Casa Luna:
We could hear the television from at least two other rooms.
Our window was facing into the courtyard and was the slatted blind glass style of windows. (Who invented these ridiculous windows? They have more moving parts so they break easier and don’t close completely.) So we heard everyone coming/going from the hotel as well as the computer in the courtyard area. Additionally, the courtyard acted as sort of a reflector tube for all the sounds coming from the streets including tubas, fireworks, dogs barking, roosters doing their thing, and morning church bells.
Also, the shower (at least the shared shower) at Casa Luna has a shower head which turns the streams of water into tiny forceful streams, despite all attempts to adjust the pressure. It’s not so painful that you can’t take a shower, but made me not stay in the shower any longer than necessary.
Overall, my opinion of Casa Luna Hotel is that $17/night is really hard to beat for a private room with comfortable beds in Antigua with a shared bathroom that’s only shared with a couple other people. The staff are nice and very helpful.
If you’re a deep sleeper, have earplugs, or are fine being awake by 7:30 AM, Casa Luna in Antigua is probably a good choice for you if you’re traveling on a budget.

7 thoughts on “A Review of Casa Luna Hotel in Antigua, Guatemala

  1. Jonathan (in Boquete)

    Hey Deb!
    Ummm… I don’t know. I know that’s hard to believe, but we don’t have any contact information for them.
    I feel really embarrassed to say it actually, but I don’t know how you would get a hold of Casa Luna other than just to walk to their doorstep and say “Hi!”
    But then you run the risk that they will be full.
    Here’s the address for casa Luna (below). Sorry to not be of more help.
    Callejon Camposeco 3A, between 6 & 7 ave. North Antigua Guatemala, Western Highlands, Guatemala, 01011

  2. Marty

    You stated: “It’s not so painful that you can’t take a shower, but made me not stay in the shower any longer than necessary.” Perhaps a smart technique by the hotel to SAVE MONEY ON WATER!!

  3. Paul

    How funny; that makes three of us, so from what I’ve read (and there’s so little, apart from this blog post and TripAdvisor), that leaves one room open over the Easter holiday! See you all there.

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