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What’s Up with The Beer Glasses? Munich Tourism: BMW Experience, The HofbrauHaus, and a Jolly Good Time

Carrie, Mara, Anna, and I wandered through the city of Munich, visiting an old (rebuilt) church, and an awesome lunch at a restaurant called (I’ve forgotten the name, but hopefully Carrie remembers). We hope that this restaurant will find it’s…

Bad Zwischenahn and Oldenburg

We traveled by train from Hamburg to Bad Zwischenahn, where Carrie’s family picked us up. Many people are surprised when we tell them that Carrie still has family in Germany. But yes, she does still have DISTANT relatives living in Germany. I’m still not exactly sure just how distant they are. As I understand it, Carrie’s great-great-great-great (something like that) grandpa had a brother. Carrie’s GGGG Grandpa came to the US, while his brother stayed in Germany. And for generations, the families have kept in touch. Which is very cool long-term communication if you ask me. So, back to the present-day, Carrie’s family lives on a 30 acre nursery in Bad Zwischenahn, Germany, which they own and operate.

Exploring Hamburg

Today we went into Hamburg. Jonathan and I were fortunate once again to have Anne as our guide. I was still feeling quite tired, and found it sort of hard to focus still from our all-nighter a few nights ago. But I was still excited for the day that would come. On our way there we stopped by this castle in Ahrensburg. Because the day was a bit cold and windy, we stopped at a little cafe for coffee and cake (and hot chocolate). It just happened to be the same caf