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Exploring Hamburg

Today we went into Hamburg. Jonathan and I were fortunate once again to have Anne as our guide. I was still feeling quite tired, and found it sort of hard to focus still from our all-nighter a few nights ago. But I was still excited for the day that would come. On our way there we stopped by this castle in Ahrensburg.
Ahrensburg Castle
We walked around the garden and took a quick peek inside.
ahrensburg castle germany
From here we took the subway into Hamburg.

We got to see the Rathaus (city hall) of Hamburg which was newly refinished and looks great!
Hamburg Rathaus

From here we walked along the river and took in the shops, hotels, and cafés lining it. Then we had a quick glimpse in St. Michaelis church. We didn’t go up the tower this time as it was cloudy and we didn’t know how much we would be able to see. An interesting point about St. Michaelis’s though, is that it’s the first thing ships see when coming into Hamburg Harbor.
St Michaelis Hamburg Germany

Because the day was a bit cold and windy, we stopped at a little café for coffee and cake (and hot chocolate). It just happened to be the same café where Jonathan and Anne stopped for cake the last time they were in Hamburg together. It was fun to get to see that, and sitting upstairs looking at all the passers-by was cool too since it was set into a tiny little alley where the buildings almost touch at the roofs.
hamburg cafe in old houses

After our hands, faces, and tummies were warmed up a bit we walked to the Harbor. This is the same harbor that Jonathan’s Grandma left from when she left Germany in 1938. It was fun for me to experience a little bit of Jonathan’s history here.

Next we took the ferry down the river a bit.
hamburg ship traveling on a Ferry

The view from outside on top of the ferry was great, but with the salt water blowing on you, and the wind driving you down, it got really cold rather quickly, so we retreated inside. When the ferry landed (after a ferry change), we went to see the beach. The beach was a bus ride away, and then a walk down lots and lots of stairs. But it was a pretty walk, and fun to see the beach of Hamburg.

Then it was back to Hammoor for us. When we got back we had an excellent time talking with Anne and getting to know her a little better. She thought the day called for a celebration, so she broke out the champagne.
Hammoor Champagne

What a fantastic finish to a great day.

0 thoughts on “Exploring Hamburg

  1. Renee

    I’m SO GLAD you got to see Hamburg, as I think I had put that on “my list” of places for you to be sure to see–but you didn’t take the train to nearby
    (35 min about) to
    LUBECK–MY FAVORITE TOWN in Germany, well, one of my favorites!!
    As you enter, you actually go through these huge brick arched entry ways that look like your are entering a huge castle. Inside the Town Hall is so very beautiful & interesting.
    You can also take a train from there for only about 20 min. to one of the most beautiful Castles (with water) I’ve ever seen in a DARLING TOURIST SHOPPING TOWN!! I’m in N.Platte, Nebraska, crossing Nebraska so don’t have my notes from home to relate to you.
    I crossed Kansas already from E to W. & want to go up to Fargo, N.Dakota. The weather has been BEAUTIFUL & HOT!! Unbelievable this time of year.
    In library, so glad to hear of all your travels ALWAYS.
    your friend,

  2. Jonathan

    Thank-you to everyone coming around and continuing to check on what we’re up to!
    It’s fun to read everyone’s comments and to be able to share our travels with you in this way.
    Keep the comments comin’!

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