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What’s Up with The Beer Glasses? Munich Tourism: BMW Experience, The HofbrauHaus, and a Jolly Good Time

Carrie, Mara, Anna, and I wandered through the city of Munich, visiting an old (rebuilt) church, and an awesome lunch at a restaurant called (I’ve forgotten the name, but hopefully Carrie remembers).

We hope that this restaurant will find it’s way to Colorado soon.

Later on in the day, we went to the BMW experience.

It was fun to go and see, but to be honest, it felt really hypey. The displays were cool, and it was neat to see the BMW’s, but wandering around admiring swatches of leather and 9 different kinds of chrome plating wasn’t all that exciting. Perhaps there was a guided tour we could have taken that would have made the BMW experience more interesting, but we didn’t, and it wasn’t all that exciting. We think you really can do the whole thing in about 20 minutes.

We also saw the swimming pools and the place that was used for the Munich Olympics of 1972.
It was pretty neat to see, and since it was cool outside, the air inside the heated indoor pool area was both warm and humid, which was nice.
Afterwards, we went to a pizza/Italian place (called Vapiano, Carrie remembered the name of this one) where you order pizza or pasta at a counter cafeteria style, they give you a buzzer, and you get your drink (which in Germany is usually beer-sometimes wine), and then when your pasta/pizza is ready, you go and pick it up at the counter. (I had a funny conversation with the guy who took my order – and I don’t remember all of the details of the conversation, but it’s funny that in my head, the parts of the conversation that I do remember are stored in my brain as being in English. It’s time to get back to speaking more German.)
From there, we went to the HofbrauHaus (because when you’re in Munich, you really must drink “ein Mass” which is a liter of beer, and Jonathan prefered a Radler which is basically a mix of a light beer and sprite.
It’s a great drink. And we had what you might refer to as a “jolly good time.”
(Pictures not to be used as evidence for any future appearances.)

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  1. Sharon

    Hi, I read your experiences in Munich with interest.
    My husband and I are making a business trip to Munich in Sep/Oct. I thought of extend my trip from Munich and end at Berlin. Hoping to stop over some cities along the way. Can you give me some suggestion on how to take a train (may be a regional old train that allow to eat and rest comfortable) from Munich to Berlin to stop over at Rothenburg and Dresden? Thanks.

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