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But…We Speak the Same Language

Or do we?

My friend Dale and I went to the zoo the other day (a work related trip!). Dale is from England (this is important).

I would like to share a conversation we had on the way there.

Dale's Floating HeadDale: Hey look at that tram.

Carrie: That’s not a tram, that’s a trolley.

Dale's Floating HeadDale: No, a trolley is what you push your groceries in.

Carrie: That’s a cart.

Dale's Floating HeadDale: That’s what a horse pulls!

Carrie: That’s a buggie.

Dale's Floating HeadDale: That’s what you put your baby in.

Carrie: No, that’s a stroller.

Dale's Floating HeadDale (through gritted teeth): No. That’s a person who likes to walk.

Ahhhh…the English language.

This is why I studied linguistics.

2 thoughts on “But…We Speak the Same Language

  1. Michael Wright

    I have nothing witty to add. I just enjoyed reading it. I wish I could have thought of a very British word for “witty”, or another way of saying “enjoyed” so that it would have been a more clever post. Oh well.

    I hope you are both having a great time in Swaziland. Or Muldovia. Or wherever you are.

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