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A Thanksgiving Poem: First Thanksgiving Not in the USA

A Thanksgiving Day Poem, for my first Thanksgiving not spent in the United States

There’s a lot to be said for comfort
The feeling of being at home
Surrounded by all your things,
recognizable bird sings,
familiar voices on the phone

But this year I will be away
On the day I know as Thanksgiving
I won’t be eating the food
still I express gratitude
for the things that make this life worth fully living

I’m thankful for my parents
And all that they’ve done for me
they went to work every day
while I went out to play
they built an awesome family.

I’m thankful for my brothers
One older and one younger one too
Through think and thin
They’ve always been
Companions to help me get through

I’m thankful for my sister
Who came along a little late
In nearly everything
She makes my heart sing
Being round her is just truly great

Thankful for my uncles and aunts,
Always there to lend an ear
Caught me going down the slide,
Carried me for a ride
Held my hand whenever I had fear

I’m thankful for my cousins
Who help to remind me where I’m from
In so many ways
they all just amaze
enriching my total life’s sum

I’m thankful for my friends
Spread round the world far and wide
Two’s better; simple math
Thanks for walking life’s path
I can feel your caring deep inside

I’m thankful for my wife
Truly my life’s best friend
I can do all I can
knowing she’s my biggest fan
Sometimes carrying me round the next bend

I’m thankful for communication
The skill to write and be true
I planted a seed
But you took time to read
Hope you know that I’m thankful for you too.

11 thoughts on “A Thanksgiving Poem: First Thanksgiving Not in the USA

  1. Dad

    Thank You SON
    for words well thought,
    while reading them to your Mom
    -to my eyes –
    happy tears they brought.

    We are thankful for and miss you both too!

    Love, Dad

  2. Mom

    I just read this again and think I’ll finish up one computer project and give you a call!! We missed you this weekend and look forward to talking very soon!

  3. Deanna

    We missed you guys too! Things are always a little different when you’re not around… I am so thankful to have you as a brother and for all that you do for me! I love you so very much!

    1. strive4impact Post author

      Hey Mrigank! Thank-you very much! And BIG congratulations to you on getting your Visa approved for the US! So when you arrive in the USA, what is one of the first things you want to do?

      1. Mrigank

        The first thing I would like to do is to get settled 🙂 Secondly, I want to travel to some places in Texas through train. I would really like to experience railways in America.

        1. strive4impact Post author

          Hey Mrigank!

          Yes. First time in a new country, if you’re going to be there for a while, getting settled in a safe and comfortable place is a very good idea.

          That’s very interesting to hear about the train travel. I don’t know very many people in the US who travel by train… especially in Texas. Germany has a great train system, but all over the US, and especially in the middle states of the United States, people travel by car. Did you see something about train travel through the US somewhere (documentary or something)?

          1. Mrigank

            Well, even I noticed (as from my sources of Knowledge like movies, travel videos,other informative sources ) that people in America generally use flights for traveling as the flight rates are not that high as compared to the per capita income. Though in some movies like RAT RACE, SPECIES, SNAKES ON THE TRAIN etc, I saw American trains and wanted to experience that.

            How I thought about trains in USA ?

            Like in india, even very rich people travel by train generally with differences in coach classes like sleeper, AC, general, 1st class 2nd class etc. So, I thought like I book my rail tickets in India on, there must be a similar service in America which I found

            According to my plans, I will have to take a direct flight from Delhi to USA as I may have to rum to different embassies for transit visa. So, here is the plan:

            Delhi – Chicago (air India direct flight $ 782)

            Chicago – Houston ( Train- $121 )

            I hope, it will be a fun.

          2. strive4impact Post author

            Hey Mrigank,

            I think you might like flying better… The train options put you in at very weird times, take 2 days, and one includes a 5+ hour bus trip…

            Trains in the US I don’t think are like trains in India. Not that they’re better or worse, it’s just not viewed as the best way to go long distances.

            If you fly direct from Chicago to Houston, it’s about the same price ($145) and gets you directly to Houston…

            Just my recommendation, but having done a bit of travel, I think you’d find it easier to get settled first and then go exploring via the trains.

            But I’ve never traveled long distance by train in the US, and don’t actually know anyone who has… It might be a great time and could be a great adventure. Sounds kinda’ fun… It just adds 2 days on to your travel time before you arrive… And if your #1 goal is to get settled first…

  4. Renee

    Please tell Mirgank that the BEST TRAINS IN THE US ARE IN CALIFORNIA,
    NOT TEXAS. I lived in Texas all my life. Fly to L.A. & don’t run
    around in downtown as not that safe, but the Train Station is very nice,
    & walk next door to the Mission & Spanish Village & Cultural Center
    as very interesting. Take the train up the west coast (FABULOUS) and
    be sure to get off & take a taxi to downtown Santa Barbara & find a
    Super 8 or Motel 6 (inexpensive) and plan to spend AT LEAST 4 days, AS
    A GREAT MISSION THERE, a Zoo, a beautiful Marina of boats & restaurants,
    A BEAUTIFUL PERFECTLY SAFE TOWN. Then take train on up to Monteray as
    a HUGE AQUARIUM & lots to see. You can even take that same train to
    San Francisco FULL OF PLACES TO SEE. The list for California goes
    on & on!!!!

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