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The First Feature Fridays Are Gone!

Congratulations to these three individuals/companies who have already secured their Feature Friday for 2011:

Lisa Kraft, in honor of Gordon Nuttall
Date Selected: February 11, 2011
Yes, my mom purchased a Feature Friday in honor of my grandpa, whose 80th birthday would have been on February 11, 2011.  I am really looking forward to getting that day to honor the entrepreneurial spirit of my grandpa, and share the legacy that was created through my grandma holding things together for her family during both good and challenging times.

Date Selected: January 14, 2011
The Blog Grinder is a really great concept.  I know how much work goes into getting a website set up right when you first set it up.  The Blog Grinder provides the tools, time and expertise to set up blogs for you.

They help you get websites up, sites that you control (which is very important), and get you set up to build online income quickly. Whether you are trying to maximize your time or you are new to blogging and need assistance getting started…The Blog Grinder can be a very good solution!

Their slogan: We build the blogs, you reap the rewards.

Date Selected: January 21, 2011
Epic Direct Network is the top CPA (Cost Per Acquisition ) network in the world.  CPA is a method of paying for advertising that allows for payment for each conversion (sale, lead, download, etc.) as opposed to each time a searcher sees or clicks on an ad.  Epic Direct gives their advertising clients a very targeted ad distribution  through search engine marketing, social media, or any other place where ads can be shown on the internet.

Basically, if you want customers for your business, talk to Epic.

Epic is especially known for their “party at the Playboy Mansion” which is pretty much the only way every day people can get into the PlayBoy Mansion.  But stay tuned for more info about that coming soon.