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A Cruise Vs. A Mortgage

Carrie found an awesome deal on a 2-week cruise from Mallorca, Spain, to Colon, Panama.

It was half as expensive for us to take the cruise, as it was to fly.

So, even though it takes 2 weeks longer (15 days instead of 10 hours), we took the cruise.

We’ve never done this before, but after our first day here on the Royal Caribbean’s Grandeur of the Seas, we are LOVING it.

I’m actually on that cruise right now, somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean, posting this from the ship.

What an amazing planet we live on, and an amazing time we live in.

The cruise (for 2) cost $900. The Internet, for 500 minutes, costs $150.

$900 for 2 people for 2 weeks, food included (not alcohol or soda).

When we lived in our house 3 years ago, our mortgage used to cost us $1,620/month.

With utilities, our house cost about $2,100/month.

Let’s assume we could find a deal like this cruise every 2 weeks back-to-back . (Maybe not do-able, but it’s possible that could happen).

1 month of cruising the ocean with several port stops = $2,100. ($1,800 ($900* 2 cruises) + $300 ($150 Internet * 2 cruises))
1 month of mortgage + utilities = $2,100. ($1,620 mortgage +$480 Utilities/phone/etc.)

Something to consider:

There are lots of ways you can live, especially if your income and lifestyle require only an intermittent Internet connection.

4 thoughts on “A Cruise Vs. A Mortgage

  1. Shannon

    I just had to laugh when I saw you guys were sailing across the Atlantic. The other night, Alison and her bf were over for dinner and you guys came up in conversation. I mentioned how you were coming back soon, and someone said, “How are they getting back? Boat?” I said, “Yeah right, I doubt it.” And someone else said, “I wouldn’t be surprised.”

    And LOOK! They were RIGHT! Seriously, TOO funny!

    1. carrie

      That’s really funny! I can’t wait to see you and meet adorable little Emmie. Maybe Peter and I can make cookies together. And if not, we can definitely eat some together I think! Tell Alison I say “Hi!”.

  2. Marty

    You guys need to do like some friends of mine did years ago–sell
    your house and LIVE ON A NICE LARGE BOAT & then you can just TRAVEL FOREVER!!! I even know a lady that lives on boats in a nice marina
    & actually makes her money fixing up boats while she lives in them,
    and then re-selling them.

  3. Mom

    I’m so glad you’re enjoying the cruise!! We’ve loved Royal Caribbean but never found as good a deal as you two have. I can hardly wait to see you at the airport next Tuesday!!

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