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29 Places I’d Love To Go Back To

If time and money weren’t an issue, where would you go?

We’ve spent the past two years working while traveling.

Both time and money have been a daily challenge.

But the work we do ,(and the people managing the Internet and power grid in the countries we’ve been to) has allowed us to successfully work and travel for over 2 years.

We are now returning back to America because we want to once again spend time with our families and be part of their lives in-person.

But given unlimited time and money…

Here are 29 places we have already been that we will love to return to.

(In some cases we’ve noted the things we would do there.)

1. Tanzania, Africa – tour the tanzanite mines, see the Serengeti
2. El Cid Resort, Cancun, Mexico
3. Munich, Germany – Could live here
4. Germany – Pretty much most places we’ve been
5. Puerto Iguazu, Argentina (see the falls at midnight with the rainbows)
6. Mendoza, Argentina – spend another weekend enjoying the wineries
7. Lake Atitlan, Guatemala
8. Chichicastenango, Guatemala
9. Granada, Nicaragua
10. Boquete, Panama
11. Quito, Ecuador – neurotic crazy city, but awesome too.
12. Cuenca, Ecuador – See the surrounding hill country and take Spanish classes
13. French Polynesia – this time I would go to Bora Bora or Moorea
14. New Zealand – almost anywhere in New Zealand. We could probably live here if our family did.
15. Bali – do more diving and see more of the island
16. Malaysia – but see more of the country outside of Kuala Lumpur
17. Hong Kong (Hong Kong Island)
18. Brunei
19. Chiang Mai, Thailand – stay inside the old city walls during a cleaner air quality season.
20. Hoi An, Vietnam
21. Udaipur, India
22. Bilaspur, India
23. Hyderabad, India – Nothing can prepare you for a trip to India except a trip to India. This time we know what to expect – and the food… oh the food was so good.
24. Slovenia – Viktorija and family, thank-you, thank-you, thank-you!
25. Krakow, Poland
26. Budapest, Hungary
27. Northern Italy
28. Rome, Italy – live in an apartment for a month
29. Mallorca, Spain – Stay at an all-inclusive resort, see the castle on the hill above Palma, see the old defensive castle on the water, go diving.

7 thoughts on “29 Places I’d Love To Go Back To

  1. Anne Uekermann

    Very happy and proud to see Munich as #3 – you do know you’ll always have a place to stay here and I’m sure that we will manage to become roommates in the not too distant future :o)
    Also: Northern Italy can always be included in the Munich package as you know – it’s only a couple miles driving.

  2. Marty

    Did you make it to Teneriffe Island south of Barcelona, below
    Portugal? Can easily spend 3 weeks there & have a blast every day & good local buses on the island. Some lovely islands near there also for day trips. I should have told you guys to buy a boat when you started
    all of this, & it would have saved you all this money spent for apts.

  3. Mom

    Whenever we have traveled we always think we’ll return there because there is never enough time to see and do everything you want to do. Making this list now is such a great idea and really shows just how fantastic your journey has been that there’s so many places you want to return to.

  4. Paulina

    I’m happy to see that Mexico it’s on your list! We hope to have you back! Next time you come here plan a trip to San Carlos, it’s not expensive, it’s fun, and sure you’ll love it.

    Happy travels!

      1. Paulina

        Hi Again! I’m glad to know you liked it! Yes I work for Playa Blanca. I’m more then happy to help you plan your trip here and try to get some free nights for you! 🙂

        Happy travels!

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