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5 Good Reasons To Choose A Luxurious Resort Vacation

You’ve seen the brochures. You’ve noticed the full-spread magazine pages.

And, let’s face it, you’ve been tempted by the idea of taking a perfect holiday.

In fact, you can probably envision your dream vacation right now.

While this idea of a perfect holiday is possible, you might not think you have enough time off every year or enough money to travel overseas on vacation every year.

However, you don’t need to go to another country to have a luxurious resort vacation. You can go to a Welk Timeshare to enjoy a more affordable vacation. This is so much more doable and convenient compared to going to another country where you would be scared to drink the water, don’t know the language, and have all sorts of difficulties with passports, vaccinations, and any number of other difficulties, ranging from lost luggage to getting detained by customs for no clear reason.

Here are 5 reasons why you might enjoy a local vacation just as much as taking a trip to Resort El Cid in Riviera Maya, Cancun, Mexico:

1. It’s a stress-free vacation.
The whole purpose of taking a vacation is to reduce stress. This is a goal you can easily achieve when you take a resort vacation. Unfortunately, making travel arrangements for most types of vacations involves quite a number of fretful details. You have to search for the least expensive airplane tickets and try to match that with the best available hotel deals. You may have to figure out local transportation details and what type of restaurants to eat at if you’re on a special diet. In fact, you have to plan everything ahead of time for things to go smoothly. Yet despite this extensive planning, even the best laid plans do go awry. In short, just like a job, there are plenty of things you have to take care of when you plan on going on a vacation. The idea of a stress-free vacation is a nice ideal, but rarely a reality.

2. You won’t go broke taking a vacation:
Since a resort vacation gives you great value for money, you actually end up saving money since most of your expenses are easy to predict, with many services and amenities included as part of the experience. In other words, you have more control over your expenditure. By comparison, a regular vacation involves much more than travel and accommodation costs. All sorts of hidden costs or unexpected expenses will show up to create a serious dent in your bank account.

3. You’ll save time on planning the details of your vacation:
Most vacation planning can be time consuming as there are so many details that you have to research and make decisions on. With a resort vacation, almost everything is easy to plan in advance.

4. It’s safer in every way.
While there is no doubt that traveling to a beach resort in Egypt or going on a wine tour in France might be a beautiful, stimulating, and enjoyable experience, it’s much harder to stay safe when you don’t know the language, find difficulty in getting around, and don’t know what type of dangers to expect. If you happen to select a country where there is violence on the streets or poor medical health options in the event of an emergency, then you might be stepping in harm’s way.

5. You’ll enjoy the best accommodation:
Hotel marketing pictures aren’t always accurate. It’s often difficult to tell whether a hotel is as good as the pictures and the customer reviews suggest. On any vacation, you’re liable to end up staying in places where the beds are lumpy or the food is terrible. In many places, you might get ripped off as a tourist for services that are not worth paying for in the first place. The nice thing about resort vacations is that everything from the beds you lie on to the amenities you use are designed to provide you with a first-class experience.

While vacations are often associated with adventures, one reason you go on a vacation is simply to experience a quality of life that you don’t usually get to enjoy in your regular life. You can still enjoy the thrill of novelty, of course,  but with a slice of heaven to go with it.

2 thoughts on “5 Good Reasons To Choose A Luxurious Resort Vacation

  1. Lisa Kraft

    I highly recommend El Cid, Riviera Maya Marina as well as El Cid, Mazatlan Marina, for a carefree, luxurious vacation. Everyone deserves a special time in their lives to take a break from the hustle bustle and be pampered. Thank you for the five reasons to treat yourself to a luxurious vacation!

    1. strive4impact Post author

      Couldn’t agree more Mom. All the times we’ve been going to El Cid, I’ve absolutely loved it. Thank you to you and Dad for making it available for our family!