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You’re Not Affected By Subliminal Messages?

This could have totally been staged. But if it’s not, it’s VERY fasciating and scary.
This video is from an amazing experiment carried out by the brilliant Derren Brown.
Using extremely subtle subliminal suggestion he is able to guide the creative ideas of two top advertising designers as they create a new campaign.
Now they think that they are creating this advertising campaign from their own, completely brilliant, imaginations.

You will be shocked by the conclusion. Watch the whole video to see how it was set up.
It raises serious questions about how easily we are influenced in every area of our lives, and even makes one question the true nature of creativity and where ideas really come from.
If you are even slightly interested in the power of subliminal suggestion over the human mind, you will be fascinated by this short video.

10 Disturbing Trends in Subliminal Advertising

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