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Will Smith On Talent And Being “Realistic”

Will Smith is one of my favorite people.
He seems to truly practice what he preaches.

Two of the philosophies I hear him saying in this video that I really love:
Talent is overrated. Skill is being willing working at something until you’re either really good at it, or you die getting good at it.
Being realistic is the most commonly traveled road to mediocrity.

7 thoughts on “Will Smith On Talent And Being “Realistic”

  1. dominik

    I appreciate you sharing this as well. I come back to it every few weeks or so and re-watch it because it’s just sooooo good. I find it inspiring, motivating, and grounding. Watching something like this gives me a sense of perspective on my life and it simplifies things I have a tendency to complicate or dwell upon unnecessarily.

    Thanks to Kevin Gianni for sending me here, and to Carrie & Jonathan for posting it.
    : ]

    1. strive4impact Post author

      Hey Dominik!

      I’m glad you came and watched it and thanks for the compliments. Really important life skills to remember from this video for sure. Hope you will come back and visit our site as well!

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