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Why Are You Fighting?

Since returning to the US, many days have felt like a fight just to understand and accept the way things and people are here (at least at this point in history).

It feels like the whole philosophy/mantra in America is about “fighting for a better story” rather than “working toward a better story.”

You can see it everywhere (at least I feel that way).

America names it’s military and non-military operations, religious organizations, medical procedures, educational institutions, and daily life in ways that suggest even the most altruistic and benign of activities and organizations are there to fight.

From a national consciousness perspective, we’ve formed this identity of declaring war on things we want to be rid of:

As a result, many days since our return in November feel like a fight, a battle, rather than what I think each day should be – an act of labor and love.

I strongly dislike feeling that I’m marching into battle at the start of each day.

But that’s the way (it seems) Americans view their day-to-day activities and interactions – as a battle.

I feel like I have to defend myself against everything here, because most of what and who I encounter on a daily basis views me as an adversary to do battle with.

I think it’s been that way for good portions of my life in the US, and I think I’m more able to recognize it now.

And I dislike it a lot.

There are amazing exceptions of course.

However, as a whole, Americans seem to get enjoyment and love doing battle.

They love the anticipation of it, they love the act of it, and they love recounting it later.

Loving, and laboring with that love, (love of the people, love of the work, and love of oneself) seems to me to be a more healthy way to live.

10 thoughts on “Why Are You Fighting?

    1. strive4impact Post author

      That’s definitely true. I had an open mind anyway… But it’s definitely expanded. It’s been a difficult adjustment to build our lives here, living in one place and working in the US.

  1. John G.

    First, thank you for your wonderfully informative tips, observations and insights.

    My wife and I, who are seniors, are preparing for our first trip to Costa Rica. Your comments have added greatly to our travel plans.

    Just a short comment on your topic of “Why are you fighting”?

    I believe that the primary reason our nation fights is that the majority of Americans have no clue as to how they have been conditioned. Americans have blindly accepted their nation’s aggressive attitude.

    Our Military Industrial Complex lives off of wars. Citizens are constantly reminded of the heroic actions of our military men and women. Our economy is fueled by war. Our media and entertainment industries profit from the popularity of the latest conflict or newest destructive games. We Americans have no clue that there may be a better, more peaceful solution to conflict than war.

    I am convinced that travel opens our eyes and helps us appreciate and respect foreigners. We can know them for who they really are … fellow kindred spirits.

    We should all be so lucky to grow up and promote a better, less violent world.

    Thanks for saying what many of us realize.

      1. John G.

        We are currently planning a 3 week stay in Costa Rica. We are flying into San Jose from San Diego on January 21. We plan to use local buses to get around. After 3 nights in San Jose (Hotel Capital) we plan to take a bus to Puerto Viejo on the Carribean coast. Then back up north to La Fortuna and Monteverde then down along the coast of the Nicoya Peninsula. We are considering taking another week to take a bus to Guadalajara although not sure how long the trip is from San Jose by bus.


  2. strive4impact Post author

    Here’s an advertisement I received today. Here’s another “war” to add to the list.

    This disgusts me. WHY do Americans insist on approaching life this way?

    Here’s the ad:

    Dieting is WAR! And as the battle over obesity in the US
    continues, that war becomes even more apparent now! Enter new
    author, Laura J. Wellington, who cleverly adapts an insightful
    PowerPoint created by General Colin Powell which taught
    leadership and success on battlefields and in boardrooms, that
    Wellington takes to that of our own kitchens, diets, and lives.
    The Four-Star Diet: Based Upon The Wisdom of General Colin
    Powell & Other Ridiculously Brilliant Leaders (Publisher:
    American Book Publishing) arms, empowers, and inspires dieters
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