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What’s the Secret That Lets Us Travel the World

My brother Adam has really been making some incredible videos over the past few years.

Adam, with another friend of ours named Patrick Shaw, just launched the first in a series of three full-length videos.

You can access them at Bridge The Gap

These videos will ultimately promote a system for accomplishing everything you want in life.

But for a short time, they’re freely available online.

The system is one that Carrie and I first learned from Mr. Shaw over 6 years ago.

In the past 4 years, we’ve
– Traveled to 6 continents
– Lived on 5 continents
– Built a successful business
– Deepened our relationship with eachother… and
– Maintained great personal and business relationships around the world.

Our massive sinkhole of debt now looks like a gopher hole…

(The gopher has moved out, and we’re happily planting seeds for fruit trees.)

In short, this system works.

You CAN get everything you want from your life.

It takes time and effort, but less time than you might imagine.

5 years passes quickly.

As a result, I’m giving these videos and this system my highest recommendation.

If there’s a “secret” to how we do what we do, this system is a big part of it.

Open disclosure: Patrick’s a friend, and a valuable mentor.

Even if you decide not to get the system they are ultimately going to talk to you about, make sure you watch the free videos while they are available.

(They will be taken down at some point in the not too distant future.)

The production quality on the videos is Hollywood quality, and you’ll learn a lot about what it takes to get the life you want to live.

Bridge The Gap

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