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What’s On The Inside?

Some of my favorite things about Carrie are the unique ways (and how much) she thinks about and cares for others.

This is often demonstrated through the gift of food.

So when it came to be time to make a cake for our niece Emma’s birthday, Carrie made a cake that made her think of Emma.

On the outside, Emma can be somewhat shy, and not all that talkative.
Emma's Birthday Cake

But once you get in with Emma, and get to know her, she is bright, colorful, and vibrant.
Emma's Birthday Cake

I love that this cake fits Emma so well, and it was such a fun experience to watch her face light up as the first piece of cake was cut and moved on to her plate.

Happy Birthday Emma!
Emma's Birthday Cake

9 thoughts on “What’s On The Inside?

  1. Doro

    I would have loved to try it… can’t you just send me the recipe?
    We don’t know when we’ll be coming to see you ….hopefully soon!
    Nasser’s going to start with his master thesis next week. He can work for a company not far from here.
    Nasser asked me to tell you “Früüüüüühstück!” 😉
    We miss you over here. Hope to see you soon again.

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