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We Are Snails

Today, we leave central America to head back “home”. It’s funny to use the word home because so many places have been our home over the past three months.

Carrie likes to say that we are snails.


We take our homes with us.

And being with Carrie feels like home to me. It has almost since the first time I met her.

So being with each other, and taking a backpack and a suitcase around the world, we definitely do take our homes with us.

At the same time, Colorado is where we both grew up, and no matter how much we travel, America is where we are from. We both envision having “homes” around the world, and there are places we’ve been that feel more like “home” than others. So far though, the United States will always be the place where I identify myself most, and Colorado still feels like home to me.

So today, we’re taking our homes with us, and going back home.

We wish you and yours a happy holiday season!

Oh, and what’s next? Well, after re-packing our storage (into a slightly larger storage space) and visiting with both of our families, we’re flying from Denver to South America. We are headed to several places in South America between now and March/April. Then, the plan is to fly to New Zealand and rent an apartment somewhere there for three months or so… beyond that, we have vague ideas…

But that could all change between now and then… so stay tuned!

It will take some time to process what we’ve just experienced, but thank-you for following our journeys over the past three months and offering your perspectives!

One thought on “We Are Snails

  1. Marty

    YES, a MUCH BETTER IDEA than Columbia, etc. Go to
    N.Y. & you’ll need that long to enjoy that most beautiful of Islands!! THEN, since you’ll be so close by plane, you MUST GO TO AUSTRALIA & see
    IT ALL. That should keep you occupied for at least 3 more months!!! Ask me what not to miss, when you get there.
    In New Zealand, you really should TAKE A REAL TOUR so you can get all the history, ETC. When get close to going ALSO ask me what not to miss.
    Wishing you Safe Travels.

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