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Waterland Hotel, Hue, Vietnam

Hue, Vietnam waterland hotel
We knew we were only staying in Hue for one night. But, we still wanted a good night’s sleep, especially after a night on a train.

So, we booked at the mid-range Waterland Hotel. For US$23 / night, we got air conditioning (not that we used it), breakfast, internet (in the common room only), and free pick up from the train station.
Hue, Vietnam waterland hotel

The staff at Waterland are very friendly and helpful.

The location is good (if you don’t get turned around and walk an hour the wrong direction in the rain before realizing that you’re going the wrong way). Oops.
Hue, Vietnam waterland hotel
The bed, however, was uncomfortable.

For one night, it was good enough. But, it wasn’t somewhere I could stay long term.

They could improve it immensely if they put a foam pad on the mattress, and fixed the internet so that it could work in the rooms. Then I could stay long term.
Hue, Vietnam waterland hotel
The Waterland Hotel has a restaurant (by the same name) around the corner. I highly recommend eating there. It was fantastic!

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