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Our businesses and ventures are what allow us to live the environment-friendly, traveling, entrepreneurial-type life that we live.  This page is a central collecting point for information about the various web sites and businesses we’re currently working on.

Carrie and Jonathan spend a lot of time thinking about and acting on how to
make the world better. And with a society that is now open to “going green”,
something we’ve worked on all of our lives (before we even knew each other), we
decided to build a community of people coming together around “green” concepts
and ideas. “Where two or more minds are gathered together, it creates a third
and more powerful mind.” Find out more at

Carrie started this site in 2003 to share her love of books and reading with
the Internet (Why not take something you love, and turn it into a business,
right?) So, if you’re interested in finding your next great book to read (or
want to know which books or movies you should stay away from, check out Carrie’s

Music Of Massage

Music of Massage is a site where massage therapists, chiropractors, dentists, or anyone else who enjoys relaxing music can get 60 minutes of massage music delivered. You can download it from the Internet or get a CD delivered to your address. Learn more at

If you’ve ever wanted not only to be told how to do something, but wanted
someone to actually show you, then is your place to
be. The goal of this site is to gather all of the How-To Video Content available
on the Internet into one web site, where people know that they will have good,
reputable sources of information for learning how to do… well…
everything. The site, as of April 2008, is over 10,000 videos (and growing).

Calling Advice

Jonathan laid out the structure for this site in early March 2004, and got
the site mostly built during a blizzard later that month. The goal of is to save people money on local, national, and International
calling. While it focuses mostly around calling cards, it also has some great
advice for how to make phone calls to any country or area code in the world.



In the summer of 2006, we went on a trip to the east coast, Holland, Africa,
and Florida. We turned the trip into an opportunity to let other people come
along on our trip via sponsorship. For $100, a company got 1 sponsorship
slot. The sponsorships paid for about 1/5 the cost of the trip, and we
definitely learned a lot in the process!
That travel is chronicled at

The Magic Of Testing

Little changes on web sites make big differences. But how can you set up your
web site to TEST what is going to actually going to work best? This is a video
course that Jonathan built to teach ANYONE how to set up simple to intermediate
testing on their web sites.

Three Money Methods

Contrary to a LOT of confusion and hype on the Internet today, there really
are only three methods for making money online. Jonathan put together a free
report to teach you what those methods are, and how you can use them to put
money in your pocket right away.

Identity Theft Secrets

Partially because of our work with Pre-Paid Legal, but also because of
Jonathan’s annoyance with icky people, (i.e. Identity Thieves), Jonathan started
this site in an effort to inform people how their information is stolen, and
what happens to it once it has been compromised. It also provides people
practical tips and ideas for protecting their own information.


In four years of working as a massage therapist, Jonathan realized that he
really has a unique ability to help people heal their own scar tissue. So, he
wrote an article about it. Then, he started getting tons of questions and phone
calls from people about their own scar tissue. A lot of times, when someone has
a situation which results in scar tissue, in the back of their mind they view
the area as broken, or ugly. Have you done this? Do you know that it’s about the
WORST thing you can do to help your body heal? Society has these standards of
“pretty” and “ugly”, right? And a lot of times, the scar tissue which forms is,
by many people’s standards, ugly. And not only is it UGLY by what people think,
but scar tissue can also be painful, seem unnatural, and feel
uncomfortable. Being uncomfortable can cause you to act like an unhappy monkey!
Yes, you read that right, an UNHAPPY MONKEY. Learn how to stop being an unhappy
monkey at

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