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Thoughts From El Salvador (2)

10:45 PM
Hotel Novo Apart

Verb of the day – Pensar – to think
Pienso (pensarme) – I think
Pensamos – we think


Met Gerard Akse from Holland
– Helped him with email issue, had great conversation over dinner.

Puerta del Diablo in San Salvador El Salvador

Met Josue (our surprisingly 23 year old) taxi driver who took us to Puerto del Diablo, where he hiked with us to the top. He also took us to have traditional El Salvadorean food – Pupusa (a thick corn tortilla filled with whatever you want to put in it – cheese, chicken, etc.)
Pupusas near Puerta del Diablo in San Salvador El Salvador
Puerta del Diablo in San Salvador El Salvador
Took Taxi back to hotel.

Took additional taxi to Museo Antrrpologico, which was pretty interesting. It would be even more interesting, I´m sure, if my Spanish were better.
Museum of Anthropology in San Salvador El Salvador
There was a mummified Mayan person there in a glass case which was rather surprising and a bit shocking since I was in the room for a while before I noticed it.

National Cathedral in San Salvador El Salvador
Took another taxi to the National Cathedral – Catedral Nacional – huge and beautiful.

Saw the Palacio Nacional

Walked back along Calle Ruben Diario (street named for a famous poet) and 3-4 blocks of the street are a crazy market lining both sides of the street.Street Market in San Salvador El Salvador

Saw an additional church on the way which had been extended or remodeled at some point. Looked like two churches smashed together.
Cathedral in San Salvador El Salvador

Had dinner at the hotel restaurant (good salad and good pasta) and a great conversation with Gerard.

El Salvador Prices:
1.5 Liter Bottle of water = .70
Car and driver = $7-$10 per hour
Taxi across town (10 minutes) = $5

2 thoughts on “Thoughts From El Salvador (2)

  1. galen.darrough

    Hi Jonathan! Thanks so much for the card, and it is a total blast reading your posts here. It says you are in Granada, Nicaragua right now. I lived in Central America for two years (before you were born!) and spend time in San Jose, Costa Rica, Managua, Nicaragua as well as many other cities there, San Pedro Sula, Honduras, and Panama City as well as some parts of the interior. I have always wanted to take a road trip to CA but can’t convince my wife to accompany me! I would attach a photo if I could of me and a buddy sitting on the balcony of the Hotel Gran Francia overlooking the public square. I love Granada, and if you haven’t done it yet, go see the Isletas. I’ve also been on TicaBus. ISn’t it a shame it’s so hot in Granada? I would live there; it’s just beautiful. Have a wonderful trip – I wish I was there!

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